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Minerva Aras PLM for Electronics


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Minerva Aras PLM for Electronics

  1. 1. Electronic PLM
  2. 2. Virtual Value Chain Evolution Drives ComplexitySuppliers’SuppliersSuppliersDesignPartnersMfg PartnersServicePartnersProcurementQualityServiceEngineeringManufacturingMarketingCustomersGovernmentandStandards
  3. 3. CustomerCM‘sSupplierEngineeringBOM’sRFQ’sRequirementsManagementCompliance DBEngineeringD DriveCostingToolERPECO DatabaseQualityCAPAElectronic (EDA)SoftwareHardwareMCADSharedDrivesSupplierDBSupplierBOM’sPDM VaultBringing Data, Processes and People (and systems) together
  4. 4. Challenges in focus• Managing a Complex Product Record• Change & Release Management• Internal Collaboration• External Collaboration• Enterprise visibility• Efficiency
  5. 5. What is itCADNetwork Drives
  6. 6. Import ToolCADERPECO
  7. 7. Design EngineerDemoEndLoginFind ProductFind ECOAppliedChangesRun ECOImport Delta on ECO Complete ECO Applied ChangesImport
  8. 8. What is itCADNetwork Drives
  9. 9. Standard Electronic, Standard Mechanichaland Product DocumentsSoftware, Custom Electronics, Custom Mechanical,Custom Electronics, Finished Good, Assembled Part,Production Equipment, PCBAAll non-product DocumentsLifecycles (examples)Preliminary ApprovedPreliminary Prototype Pilot Production Phase Out End Of LifeDraft Approved ObsoleteObsoleteDifferent classifications have different Lifecycles
  10. 10. DegreeofFreeedomLifecycle DevelopmentPreliminaryPrototypePilotNPIRampUpVolumeProductionPhaseOutChange Management - Concept
  11. 11. PendingInternalreviewCustomerApprovalMfg.PartnerApprovalReleasedPendingInternalreviewMfg.PartnerApprovalReleasedPendingInternalreviewCustomerApprovalReleasedPendingR&DReviewOperationsApprovalReleasedPendingInternalreviewReleasedPending ReleasedMedium InternalChange WorkflowFast Track Workflow/Minor InternalMajor Internal ChangeExternal ChangesChange Management
  12. 12. Change ManagementDynamic Workflow based onbusiness rules
  13. 13. What is itCADNetwork Drives
  14. 14. Managing – Data ObjectsProductMechanicalDocumentData ObjectsExecutableElectronicsPartDocumentDocuments. Category ??DocumentComponentAMLDocumentSoftwareDocumentDocumentPartner A
  15. 15. ExternalPartnerDesignEngineerExternal CollaborationEndLogin &SearchLoginGrantSpecialPermissionFind productExternal PartnerLogin & findgrantedproductGrant Permissions Security for External partners Start collaboration Grant Permissions See the result Complete Pending ECO Create & Send ECR Login as Employee & Find ECRInboxComplete ECOECRLoginFind ECR
  16. 16. Company ACEM/EMSDesign PartnerExample ProcessCEM/EMS IILogical_01600_1900700800ECOItems1.2.3.SYM_CAP01Logical_01Physical_01Fab_01600_1900700800600_211-1111-0111-222-0111-333-01Approval1.
  17. 17. For EHT the distribution of product information with partners outside the company is essential. ThereforeMinerva have developes a PDX tool for Aras, and this Tool is a part of the EHT templatePDX Export
  18. 18. Challenges in focus• Managing a Complex Product Record• Change & Release Management• Internal Collaboration• External Collaboration• Enterprise visibility• Efficiency
  19. 19. Thank You• For more details• Other Minerva products– ConfInnovator– Medical Device Industry solution– Mobile– Reporting