CNH Reman Rolling Out PLM


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  • FlexibilityBusiness As WellEinstein’s Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.
  • CNH Reman Rolling Out PLM

    1. 1. CNH RemanRolling Out PLMAras Implementation – It’s Here
    2. 2. SyllabusHow do you roll out PLM to gain visibility and status into thepipeline processes for parts in a remanufacturingenvironment? What CNH Reman needed was astandardized process with a central online dashboard thatspanned the enterprise and enabled better capacity planningand throughput for greater coordination, productivity andcustomer service. Find out deployment lessons learned thatprovided real user requirements, better user input andgreater user adoption.2
    3. 3. Who Is CNH RemanCNH Reman is a joint venture between CNH Global N.V.and Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation. Thepartnership brings together CNH Parts & Service productexperience, technical information, access to equipment, anddedicated dealer networks with SRC Remanufacturingoperations, capabilities, and expertise.3
    4. 4. Who Is PSC Group?• PSC Group is a business technology consulting firm thathas been delivering high value solutions to our clients since1990. As an Aras Certified Partner, PSC has currently builttwo custom PLM solutions on the Aras Innovator®framework:• Formula & Recipe Management – targeted for food, beverage andnutraceuticals with a need to manage raw materials, packaging,and finished goods along with their related attributes, processes,and specifications.• Pipeline Management for Remanufacturing – targeted for largemachinery parts remanufacturing companies with a need forstandard processes and product development visibility.4
    5. 5. Phased Approach• Discovery Workshop• Pain Points, Business Challenges, Business Priorities• Cast Vision• Requirements (High-Level)• Capture All• Must Have, Strong Need, Nice to Have• Prioritize and Confirm• Data• Formats, Sources and Latency• Development• Iterative• Mix Small Deliverables with Foundational Features5Engineering Central(Team Center)PICKSecondaryMS AccessGenesisMS Access (2gb)ePart UpdatedWeeklyXOn-Line CatalogsEAREngineeringAction RequestImpactCNH RemanNetwork ServersFolders
    6. 6. Item Types• Feasibility Studies• EARs (Engineering Action Requests)• RFQs• Projects6
    7. 7. Standards• Workflows• eMail Notifications• Project Tasks• InBasket Activities7
    8. 8. Reports• Pipeline Management• Pipeline Summary Analysis• Open Pipeline Parts Analysis• Feasibility• Pipeline Project Parts• Others8
    9. 9. Phased Approach (cont)• Testing• Alpha, Beta and Production• End-to-End Walk Thru• Test Again• Go-Live• Everybody Using the System• Leave Old Practices Behind• Expand and Extend for the Future• Burn In• User Directed• Integrations• Quality Management• Certifications and Skills9
    10. 10. Critical Success Factors• Executive Buy-In• Communication and Direction to the Team• Participation and Involvement• Deliverable• Grass Roots Evangelism• Early Adopters• Flexibility• Recognize Simple Changes• Formalize Major Changes• Business as Well• Resource Availability• Requirements Review• Testing102011-Feb-03
    11. 11. Critical Success Factors (cont)• Fully Functional Environment• Infrastructure Licensing• Ability to Configure Infrastructure (Reporting, Email, etc.)• IT Desktop & Browser Configuration• PLM is Never Complete• Continuous Process Improvement• Apply Structure Across the Enterprise11
    12. 12. Lessons Learned• Executive Involvement• Early and Often• Reports, Reports, and more Reports• Everybody Using the System• Need to Control Windows Updates12
    13. 13. What We Had Before13Engineering Central(Team Center)PICKSecondaryMS AccessGenesisMS Access (2gb)ePart Updated WeeklyXOn-Line CatalogsEAREngineeringAction RequestImpactCNH RemanNetwork ServersFolders
    14. 14. What We Have Now14
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