Arandell Value of print - by the numbers


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Catalogs are a point of emphasis and expertise but our services go much further. We have systems in place – green initiatives, innovative co-mail solutions, on-time delivery assurance, single web presses, experienced press associates, direct marketing services, intelligent mail and mobile expertise are among the extensive range of services that we have to offer. Each of these services provides our customers with a competitive advantage. In this ever-changing, constantly evolving world, customers need help navigating their options. Arandell is here to serve as a compass to our customers – to guide them through the dynamic world of multichannel marketing.

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Arandell Value of print - by the numbers

  1. 1. By the Numbers Value of Print
  2. 2. Going beyond Printing is one of America’s oldest manufacturing industries with roots dating to before the Revolutionary War and Benjamin Franklin. While the industry has a long and distinguished past it also has a large presence today and a positive future. And, as America’s most geographically dispersed manufacturing industry, it provides thousands of good jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in every state and metropolitan area throughout the country. By the Numbers
  3. 3. Going beyond Printing has a very large economic footprint. The total value of shipments produced by the American printing industry in 2011 is estimated at $145.1 billion. According to Printing Industries of America’s print market tracking model, U.S. printing shipments increased by approximately 0.4% in 2011. The growth was the result of the overall economic improvement and gains in advertising and promotion printing, particularly direct mail promotion related to the 2012 election cycle. If the economy trends as projected, print markets should continue to grow in 2013. All in all, our projection is for 3% growth in 2012 and 3.3% growth in 2013 on a nominal or non-inflation adjusted basis. Print’s Large Economic Footprint
  4. 4. Going beyond In contrast to many American manufacturing industries that are concentrated in large plants located in a few cities or a state, printing is composed of virtually all scales of operations: small, medium, and large plants scatted throughout the country. In fact, there are more printing plants in the United States than McDonald’s outlets, making America’s printing industry the most geographically dispersed manufacturing industry with plants located in every state and sizable city. America’s Largest Small Manufacturing Business
  5. 5. Going beyond America’s printing plants utilize a variety of processes to produce numerous products and services for their customers. In terms of process, almost three-fourths of the annual dollar volume of printers’ sales is produced by conventional printing processes— mostly sheetfed and web offset lithographic printing. The remainder of printers’ sales is from digital toner-based and inkjet printing and various ancillary services such as creative design, mailing, database management, and other services.. A Diversity of Processes and Services
  6. 6. Going beyond In a crowded industry, Arandell is already viewed as a leader in print quality. That quality can be seen on the printed page but what pushes Arandell above is everything that happens beyond that printed page. At Arandell, we do more. We establish meaningful relationships with our customers. We listen to them. We hear their needs and we adapt. A Diversity of Processes and Services
  7. 7. Going beyond At Arandell, our raceway to success is premier catalog printing. We have ex pertson hand to drive strategies that accelerate sales. • Creative Consultation • Print Production • Circulation Planning and Management • Transactional Data • Mailing Strategies • Digital Catalog/Interactive PDF/Tablet App’s • Mobile Marketing Arandell is here to serve as a compass to our customers – to guide them through the dynamic world of multichannel marketing. Going Beyond the Printed Page
  8. 8. For more information visit Bill Sunagel 262.255-4400|