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  1. 1. Produced to improve your dental health and awareness Spring 2008 Would You Put That Spot Light On Folga In Your Mouth? from The trip that changed my life Would You Put That In Your Mother’s the As many of you know last year on February 14th, 2007 I went to India with Dr. Aragona. Most people imagine Mouth? dentist India as a beautiful, highly populated and advanced country. These facts might be true but, it is also true that Dear Friends, more than half of the population work hard labor jobs, get low wages, sleep on These two simple questions have been a “yardstick” for our dirt floors, are homeless practice for over 28 years. We continue to seek out materials, and barely get to eat a meal methods, and techniques to help our patients achieve optimal a day. As I imagined this health, function, aesthetics, and comfort. We simply will not view of life and compared compromise our patient’s well-being by using inferior products it to my own I realized how or techniques. fortunate and lucky most The media, in the past year, has made it very clear to the of us are to live the life style American public the health risks associated with outsourcing that we do. These thoughts products to countries with inferior quality control. Lead paint, made me take a stand and decided to go on this mission poisoned food, and counterfeit products, including toothpastes, trip. On this trip we had an assortment of different doctors toothbrushes and even dental implants and crowns are now so a lot more patients were seen. The total number of available to us. patients seen in five days was about 5,000. From what the We would like you, our valued patient, to know we have doctors had seen all five days they concluded that many never used outsourcing suppliers or dental laboratories. The of their medical problems were from issues related to materials we use are certified and FDA approved, and purchased poverty and malnutrition. 80% of the patients that through long established and respected U.S. suppliers and Dr. Aragona and I saw had really decayed, infected, laboratories. When the local media exposes the dental treatment broken down to the gum line teeth. However because of risks with outsourcing practices, you can rest assured the the limited equipment the only diagnosis we could offer materials and laboratories we have been using are safe! was to pull their tooth. Most patients coming in were Likewise with practices such as biofilm management of dental very scared and afraid but unit waterlines and treated bottled sterilized water supply for once their tooth was pulled our dental units, standards which are not currently required by they would kneel on their the dental profession but we find necessary to insure your best knees and kiss our feet, they interest in health. were truly very grateful. It Or maintaining an advanced AED unit with CPR assist to was quite an experience to handle any cardiac emergency in our office with not only the see patients that have been very best equipment available in the event of a life threatening suffering for a life time to heart attack but our sincere commitment to you, our valued go home pain free with a neighbor. smile on their face toward the journey of Christianity. We think this kind of standard, while not required, is what The medical clinic and the Gospel meetings both were you and your family deserve. the best part of the trip, which both drove me towards a Yours for Health, life changing experience that will never be forgotten. The Gospel meetings were for the community to hear the word Dr. Sal Continued on back Thank you for all your referrals. We appreciate them!
  2. 2. More Power To You Make the right connections ... and smile! Homophily is the natural tendency of people to associate and bond more A Crown Fo strongly with people who are similar to them. So what can we do to help you connect with all those other beautiful people? Well, according to research, a cosmetically enhanced smile will make you appear more attractive and popular with the opposite sex, as well as more intelligent, interesting, successful, and wealthy! Together, we can choose cosmetic options that will enhance your natural smile foundation and make your smile sing out success! We can...  Brighten your teeth with whitening, bonding, or porcelain veneers.  Rebuild chips and cracks and close gaps that make you self-conscious.  Straighten and even out the appearance of crooked, crowded teeth.  Reproportion tooth shape, length, and width to ideally balance your features.  Recontour an uneven or too high/low gumline.  Correct a receding gumline that exposes roots and makes your teeth look longer – and you look older.  Widen your smile to fill in the gaps at the corners of your mouth.  Diminish lip lines and make your lips appear fuller by adding volume. And there’s even more that we can do...  We can maximize the dramatic impact of whichever cosmetic procedure you Take Heart! choose. How? By helping you achieve clean teeth and pink healthy gums with a & Save your smile strong supporting bone structure. Nothing makes a connection better than optimal oral health and a high- In the earliest stage of gum disease, powered smile. you won’t even know you have it. Early on, it’s reversible with home care and crowns & veneers regular dental treatment, but in later stages it can lead to tooth loss and only professional dental intervention can help. Studies have linked gum disease and cardiovascular diseases and stroke – the number-one killers of men and women. Brighten Stay fit and keep your mouth and heart healthy!  Exercise regularly to gum sculpting & increase blood flow, veneers strengthen your heart, control your weight, stress, and risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Reproportion  Eat fruits, whole grains, vegetables, low- fat dairy products, and sources of protein, orthodontics & legumes, and Omega-3 fatty acids. veneers  Don’t use tobacco, a risk factor for oral cancer, tooth loss, and heart disease.  Get regular medical Straighten and oral health screenings.  Keep smiling! 2
  3. 3. or All Reasons Prevent... Where Protect... does your Impress! smile rate For many people, appearance is the greatest inducement to on our sustaining oral health. Who among us does not want to make a great whiteness first impression at a job interview, look fabulous in photos, and shine at significant moments like weddings? scale? Beautiful crowns can help you do all that and more. They are the most popular restoration not only because they can create a natural-looking improved appearance for discolored, misshapen, or missing teeth, but because they prevent and protect to save smiles! 5 THINGS Crowns can...  Prevent a cracked tooth from getting worse;  Strengthen and halt further damage to a broken tooth, either... one that has undergone root canal therapy or about one with a large filling or fillings. In fact, when your custom dental Modern crowns & veneers teeth whitening crown is created, it becomes your tooth’s turn a smile into ... a SMILE! 1. Not all of your natural tooth new outer surface. Technicians incorporate precise measurements to suit enamel is the same color... your bite, jaw movements, and anatomy. Durable metal or metal  your front teeth are usually camouflaged with white porcelain can be used, and all-porcelain materials whitest can exactly match your smile’s enamel.  molars tend to be in-between Attaching multiple crowns to a natural-looking bridge is an excellent technique  eye teeth are commonly for replacing several missing teeth. It can prevent drifting teeth, challenges to darkest eating and speaking, and increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. 2. Discoloration can be caused by: And the bonus: avoid the premature wrinkles and age lines that may  coffee, tea, red wine, colas, or accompany an altered bite. Your smile will look even more attractive! tobacco Bollyfood  heredity  illness and medications It’s hot, hot, hot!  ageing 3. Structural changes occur over The whole world is charmed by the flamboyant the life of your teeth and affect extravaganzas produced by Bollywood, India’s unique their whiteness...  young teeth are whiter and counterpart to the Hollywood film industry. Another cultural export, famous Indian curry dishes, aren’t merely usually have a highly gorgeous, aromatic, and appetizing. It seems they have the opalescent enamel with milky potential to improve your oral and overall health. brightness  older teeth are darker with a Turmeric, a yellow spice that gives Indian curry powder its distinctive color, contains a compound that more translucent, thinner appears to relieve or suppress Alzheimer’s symptoms. enamel and a grayish Curcumin, an antioxidant known to benefit periodontal appearance health, also found in turmeric, has been shown to help 4. People perceive teeth as prevent tumors. whiter and more attractive when Curry leaves, common in South Asian cooking, release they are contrasted against pink, fragrant essential oils when chewed or combined with healthy gums. water. They are an ingredient in some mouthwashes and 5. We don’t add whitening to can help to reduce caries and chronic bad breath. your teeth – we remove stains to Want to spice it up a bit? Explore your Asian grocery! brighten your teeth enamel by up to eight shades! 3 ML08-5
  4. 4. Continued from front of God and to know who the real God is. At the end of each Gospel meeting most Is Your Smile... Spotted? people would ask us Americans to pray We can help for them, I had never prayed for other people before so I asked God to guide It was a great photo. You were caught durable, reliable, and predictable. me and give me the words to speak. That in the middle of a “full-on” laugh. Then Because of these advantages and high truly was amazing. That same night I you noticed the old, silver, amalgam consumer demand, we have recently went up to my room and I praised God fillings and realized that your entire restocked one of the finest composites of how thankful I was that he brought dental history is on display! No need to available. This material can be so me there and my mission was to helping be self-conscious any longer. There is precisely color-matched to your teeth that people in need. Tears falling down my a simple and attractive solution to the it will be invisible to the casual observer. cheeks I kneeled on my knees and started problem. Let’s talk about concealing, once praying. This trip not only got me closer According to research, the demand and for all, your “dental history” with to my relationship with God but also for natural-looking white composite resin composite fillings. It can usually be done since I am continuing my education on fillings has surpassed silver amalgam by in only one visit or two, and because becoming a dentist, it was also a great a ratio of more than 3:1! These fillings your silver fillings could be upwards experience for my career as well. As I am are more natural looking than amalgam, of 15 years old, your insurer may cover reminded about this trip it has been the and have the added advantage of never replacement costs. best and most amazing life changing trip discoloring surrounding or neighboring Call us about this impressive I have ever experienced. I am now truly teeth as older amalgam fillings have improvement. Be laugh-out-loud addicted to mission work and my future been known to do. Modern materials confident ... whether you’re in front of, or plans after I graduate from dental school and processes ensure that they are also behind, the camera! is to do mission work. I want the skills that God will give me to help people in Naturally need around the world because life is not White composite fillings look about receiving, it is more about giving like real tooth enamel. God Bless You All For many patients, this is their premier restoration Folga © Ivoclar North America Inc. choice. officeinformation Sal Aragona, DDS, MAGD Dr. Aragona Invites You! to an 37020 Garfield Road, Suite T-4 Invisalign® Open House Clinton Township, MI 48036-3645 Office Hours Monday 6:30 am – 3:30 pm Tuesday 6:30 am – 3:30 pm Wednesday Thursday closed 9:00 am – 6:30 pm This 1-Day Special Offer Includes: Friday closed n FREE consultation to find out if you qualify n Orthodontic records (photos, impressions and x-rays) Contact Information a $500 value for only $100 Office (586) 263-4060 n All attendees will receive $300 off treatment Fax (586) 263-4111 n FREE teeth whitening ($300 value) for all Invisalign Email Web site patients n An additional $200 off treatment if you refer a friend Office Staff Rebecca .......Registered Dental Hygienist Thursday Oct. 16th, 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm Folga ...........................Dental Assistant Please RSVP for this event at: 586-263-4060 Absolutely NO OBLIGATION to find out if Invisalign® works for you. Friend must start treatment Invisalign® is a method of straightening teeth using a series of clear, comfortable & removable aligners. Information included is not dental or medical advice. For your Contents may not be reproduced without permission from the publisher. specific information be sure to consult our office. If you do not wish © PATIENT NEWS PUBLISHING (800) 667-0268 to receive this newsletter, please contact us directly. 14174-P84-29591 ML08-5