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  1. 1. Dancing Dreams – 2013 Sponsorship Prospectus
  2. 2. Vision: Rhythmus HappyFeet Academy strives at making dance fun while imbibing dance techniques and values which enables the children of India to achieve a strong international foundation in the art of dancing. About us : •Started in the year 2011, we have taught over 900 kids. •Our curriculum encompasses years of international research towards the holistic personality development of a child through dance. •Each class is conducted in a professionally designed, kid- safe studio, with age appropriate music, props and syllabus
  3. 3. Achievements: •Have conducted workshops in Jasudben M.L (Blooming Dale) School (santacruz west). •Associated with Juhu gymkhana conducting Zumba classes for adults •Started off our second studio in Temperance, Off carter rd, Bandra •Teaching at Jamnabai school •Teaching dance as a part of the syllabus(Dance in education program) in Beacon High School.
  4. 4. Events: Performed at Mumbai’s biggest arts festival Kala Ghoda on 5th feb,2013
  5. 5. Exhibition at Juhu Tulip Star Hotel, 2013 Performed at Carter Promenade, event sponsored by Marico Events:
  6. 6. Event Details Dates & Times: 20 thth december, 2013 Start Time: 6 pm. Show Duration : Approx. 2hrs Location: IES auditorium, Opp. Lilavati Hospital,  Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050. Attendees: •Approx. 260 to 300 kids, along with family(parents) and friends. •Total crowd attendance for the day : Approx. 800. 2012 Attendance Profile: • Overall gender split was 40% Male & 60% Female. • Of the Male entries 90% were aged 19 – 50 years. • Of the Females entries 86% were aged 19 – 50 years • The largest age category for both males and females was 30-50 years, making up 33% of males and 36% of females Of the kids entries 86% were aged from 3 – 16 years.
  7. 7. Target Audience •Around 150 kids in the age group of 3-5 year olds, about 100 kids from the age group of 6-10 year olds. And 60 odd teenagers. •Males and females aged 25 - 50, single or married, with kids. These are likely double income households. •Living in the Santacruz west, Khar and Bandra area in Mumbai, they are continually active from a community perspective. •Majority of the audience are highly brand aware and strong decision makers in terms of what lifestyle products and services are purchased within the household.
  8. 8. Highlights of the show •Ballet en pointe performance by the teachers of Rhythmus HappyFeet choreographed and directed by the acclaimed dance director Butch Godito •Performance by the best of the best dancers of the Rhythmus HappyFeet Academy •Around 300 kids performing on stage.