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  1. 1. Infant Milk Substitutes, Feeding Bottles and Infant Foods (Regulation of Production, Supply and Distribution)1992Amendment Act, 2003 DR ARABINDA MOHANTY STATE CO-ORDINATOR, IMS ACT CELL,ODISHA
  2. 2. THE IMS ACT WHAT IS IT?Infant Milk Substitutes, Feeding Bottles &Infant Foods (Regulation of Production,Supply & Distribution) Act,1992[IMS ACT]
  3. 3. THE IMS ACT PROTECTS BREAST FEEDING• By controlling the marketing & promotional activities ofbaby food manufacturers (regulates production, supply andmarketing).• By ensuring proper use of Breast Milk Substitutes.
  4. 4. THE IMS ACT NEED FOR THE ACT*The best possible start to life* A foundation for fulfilling the rights of the child* Provides ideal nutrition to the babies age and species specific* Protects against infections, allergies and asthma* Promotes physical, psychological, motor, mental and psychosocial growth and development.*Enhancement of cognitive development and better visualacuity* Prepares babies for better learning.* Reduction of under five child deaths*Reduces the risk of death of lbw baby
  5. 5. THE IMS ACT NEED FOR THE ACTARTIFICIAL FEEDS – A multi-faceted witch!
  6. 6. THE IMS ACTBREAST FEEDING-WHY IMPORTANT FOR BABY ?•Greater immune health through antibody of colostrums•Lowers rate of infection•Protects from SIDS•Increases the intelligence in later life•Less chance of diabetes•Reduces risk of obesity•Less tendency to infection•Less necrotizing enterocollitis
  7. 7. THE IMS ACT HISTORY BEHIND THE ACT• Enacted in 1992 – came into force on Aug 1st, 1993.• Many Loopholes.• Dept. of Women & Child Development (DWCD) formed anational task force.• Amendment Bill to Parliament in March 2002.• Passed by Parliament in June 2003.• Came into force from Jan 1st 2004.
  8. 8. THE IMS ACT OBJECTIVES1. Prohibit any kind of promotion.2. Educate pregnant women & lactating mothers.3. Restrict & Control use of Infant Milk Substitutes & Infant Foods.4. Define roles & responsibilities of health care institutions & health workers.
  9. 9. THE IMS ACT KEY PROVISIONS• NO advertisements.• NO free samples.• NO free/subsidised supply of IMS/educational material related to these products to any person.
  10. 10. THE IMS ACT FREE SUPPLIES• In May 1986, Govts. at the World Health Assembly urged a ban on donated supplies of baby milk. (WHA 39.28)• Ending of free supplies in all countries is a target of the WHO/UNICEF BFHI.• A hospital cannot be Baby Friendly if it receives free supplies of breast milk substitutes.
  11. 11. THE IMS ACT KEY PROVISIONS4. Labels on all IMS, FB, IF should say in English & local language that ‘Breast Feeding is the BEST’NO pictures of women/infant/phrases on the labels that are designed to promote the sales of these products.
  12. 12. THE IMS ACT KEY PROVISIONS• Clear guidelines for educational materials and advertisements whether audio/video dealing with pre & postnatal care/infant feeding.• NO POSTERS anywhere.
  13. 13. THE IMS ACT KEY PROVISIONS7. NO financial assistance of ANY kind.8. NO commissions to ANY sales persons and employees.
  14. 14. THE IMS ACTWHAT COMES UNDER THE ACT? 1. Infant Milk Substitutes 2. Feeding bottles 3. Infant Foods
  15. 15. THE IMS ACT ROLE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONALS1. Remove & destroy all ads.2. Refuse to accept free samples.3. Refuse to accept any gifts/compliments.4. Avoid using growth charts, etc., with any brand names on it.5. Avoid sponsorship.6. DO NOT give free samples/material to mother.7. Ensure mothers do NOT SEE formula feeds (if any) being used in the hospital.
  16. 16. THE IMS ACT ALTERNATIVE FEEDS – AGREED CRITERIA FOR USE1. Mother is no more.2. Mother is very ill (temporary use).3. Mother is relactating (temporary use).4. Mother is HIV +ve & chooses to use a breast milk substitute.5. Mother rejects infant (temporary use).6. Infant dependent on artificial feeds (temp use).
  17. 17. THE IMS ACT MYTH or FOR REAL?1. “Stress makes milk dry up and so mother cannot feed…”2. “Malnourished mothers cannot breast feed.”3. “Babies with diarrhoea need water/tea.” - BF will do. - Severe diarrhoea: BF + ORS.6. “Once BF has stopped, it cannot be resumed.”
  18. 18. THE IMS ACT FEEDING IN EMERGENCIES WARS NATURAL CALAMITIES• BF is the safest, only reliable choice.• Life saving.• Artificial feeds NOT INDICATED.
  19. 19. THE IMS ACTVIOLATIONS- PENALTIES Imprisonment: not < 6 months upto 3 years Fine: not < Rs.2,000/- upto Rs.5,000/-
  20. 20. THE IMS ACT WHERE TO REPORT VIOLATIONS?1. Breast feeding promotion network of India (BPNI)2. Association of Consumer Action on Safety and Health (ACASH)3. Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW)4. Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB)
  21. 21. THE IMS ACT WHAT CAN YOU DO?1. Educate people about the IMS Act.2. Involve local ICDS workers – reach grass-root level.3. Hold public meetings, seminars, radio shows, TV shows.4. Establish links & spread the word.5. Monitor marketing & report violations.
  22. 22. THE IMS ACT WHAT CAN YOU DO?1. Violations on Cable TV – report & ask operator to stop airing such things.2. Provide Cable Op with addresses of reporting agencies.3. Start a campaign for ‘Bottle Free Villages’. (Baby Friendly Community).4. Start protest campaign against any violating company.
  23. 23. THE IMS ACT THE BOTTOMLINECows’ milk is good for calves…Human Milk is good for infants….Artificial feeds are almost good for nothing!
  24. 24. ADVANTAGES OF BREAST FEEDING• Physically Superior• Physiologically Superior• Biochemically Superior• Microbiologically Superior• Immunologically Superior• Psychologically Superior• Epidemiologically Superior• Economically Superior Breast Feeding should not be attempted by fathers with hairy chests, since they can make the baby sneeze and give it wind. ~Mike Harding
  25. 25. BREAST FEEDING PRACTICE• Promote ONLY & ONLY exclusive Breast Feeding For first 6 months in all babies (HIV +ve cases = first 4 months)
  26. 26. BREAST MILK – A SUPER FOOD! NO CONTRAINDICATION FOR BREAST FEEDING+ Intelligence Quotient+ Emotional Quotient+ Communication Quotient+ Social Quotient+ Super Quotient
  27. 27. A newborn baby has only threedemands. They are warmth in the armsof its mother, food from her breasts,and security in the knowledge of herpresence. Breastfeeding satisfies allthree.Grantly Dick-Read
  28. 28. THANK YOU