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Arabic Prepositions


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Arabic Prepositions

  1. 1. Arabic ‫في‬ Transliteration fii Translation In Example Arabic ‫الطاولة في الغرفة‬Transliteration aT-Taawila fii al-ghurfa Translation The table is in the roomArabeya Association (
  2. 2. Arabic ‫على‬ Transliteration ‘alaa Translation On Example Arabic ‫.القلم على الطاولة‬Transliteration Al-qalam ‘alaa at-taawila Translation The pen is on the table.Arabeya Association (
  3. 3. Arabic ‫إلى‬ Transliteration ‘ilaa Translation To Example Arabic ‫اذهب إلى المدرسة‬Transliteration Idh-hab ‘ilaa al-madrasah Translation Go to SchoolArabeya Association (
  4. 4. Arabic ‫من‬ Transliteration min Translation From Example Arabic ‫.أنا من مصر‬Transliteration Ana min Misr. Translation I’m from Egypt.Arabeya Association (
  5. 5. Arabic ‫فوق‬ Transliteration fawqa Translation Above Example Arabic ‫.العصفور فوق الشجرة‬Transliteration Al-’auSfur fawqa a-shajara Translation The bird is above the tree.Arabeya Association (
  6. 6. Arabic ‫قريب من‬ Transliteration qariib min Translation Close to Example Arabic ‫.الولد قريب من الكرسي‬Transliteration Al-walad qariib min al-kursiyy Translation The boy is close to the chair.Arabeya Association (
  7. 7. Arabic ‫أمام‬ Transliteration ‘amaama Translation In front of Example Arabic ‫البنت أمام المدرسة‬Transliteration al-bint ‘amaama al-madrasa. Translation The girl is in front of the school.Arabeya Association (
  8. 8. Arabic ‫بجانب‬ Transliteration bijaanibi Translation Next to Example Arabic ‫المطعم بجانب الفندق‬Transliteration al-maT’am bijaanibi al-funduq. Translation The restaurant is next to the hotel.Arabeya Association (
  9. 9. Arabic ‫تحت‬ Transliteration TaHta Translation Under Example Arabic ‫.الولد تحت الطاولة‬Transliteration Al-walad taHta at-taawila. Translation The boy is under the table.Arabeya Association (
  10. 10. Arabic ‫مع‬ Transliteration ma’a Translation With Example Arabic ‫الولد مع المدرس‬Transliteration al-walad ma’a al-mudarris. Translation The boy is with the teacher.Arabeya Association (
  11. 11. Arabic ‫وراء‬ Transliteration waraa’a/ khalfa Translation Behind Example Arabic ‫.الكرة خلف الصندوق‬Transliteration Al-kura khalfa aS-Sunduq. Translation The Ball is behind the box.Arabeya Association (
  12. 12. Arabic ‫بعيد عن‬Transliteration ba3iid 3an Translation Far from Example Arabic ‫.الكلب بعيد عن الكرة‬Transliteration Al-kalb ba3iid 3an al-kura Translation The dog is far from the ball.Arabeya Association (