Supporting MENA Innovation & Entrepreneurism in the Digital Economy, Microsoft


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Supporting MENA Innovation & Entrepreneurism in the Digital Economy
talk by: Charbel Fakhoury, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Services MEA, Microsoft

at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2013, June 24-26, Dubai, UAE

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  • MS CaresMS is Value for startupsMS is innovation
  • KEY MESSAGE: MS has a set of programs and technologies that can help any business and individuals to realize their full potential and be what’s next.
  • KEY MESSAGE: Savvy marketers must understand the technology trends shaping consumer behaviorToday’s CMOs and marketers must ask the game-changing question: “what’s next”? There are four consumer trends that we believe will have the most profound impact on the future of advertising. We believe these trends will materially change the relationship between a brand and its audience, and in doing so, present new challenges and business opportunities for marketers. A shift to multi device use – phones, PC, tablets and TV with content increasingly shared across them and synchronized between them. Social has evolved beyond discrete sites and has become a layer within everything we do with technology. We expect the ability to tweet, share, like and search from anywhere, and about anything.All of our devices are connected – and when they’re not we’re frustrated as our content is increasingly stored in cloud services and used across our PC, Phone, TV and tablets and more. And our interaction with technology is becoming more natural – we’re touching, gesturing and using voice to interact with computers in ways that more closely resemble the way engage with the real world, and with each other.
  • KEY MESSAGE: For consumers, Windows 8 seeks to unify all of your tasks and invite you in with its animated, live app tile design. For Microsoft, the consumer shoreline is expanding. Anything you’ve heard about Windows 8 and the ‘live tile’ design is really about a complete digital experience and one ecosystem. It’s an ecosystem that is threaded together by the cloud with layer upon layer of applications and services built on top of it – and make no mistake about it, we’re up against other ecosystems. That’s why over the past year, you’ve seen Microsoft push hard into the consumer space. Our ecosystem is grounded in a framework that centers around ‘live tiles’ that change and evolve with the user and what the user is doing – it’s the unique, design language of our ecosystem. The live tile format brings fluidity and seamless content interaction to every device and channel. The live tile apps are immersive, filling the entire screen so there are no distractions. The live tiles work together, making it easy to search, share, and send content between them.
  • KEY MESSAGE: With a connected Microsoft account, users can download apps and take them anywhere.When users are connected to the internet, their apps show them the latest content so that they can stay up to date. With a connected account, users can download apps and take them anywhere – so for example, their Facebook will be a constantly updated part of their People Tile.
  • KEY MESSAGE: All of our Windows 8 devices are connected to each other. This unique live tile design will eventually exist in every technology and device Microsoft brings to the marketplace, linking them seamlessly for consistent content experiences.We’ll be the first company to ever offer this type of experience. We want our advertising partners to be a part of the massive opportunity that it’s going to create.
  • KEY MESSAGE: Computing tomorrow is creating a different world. A different world calls for a different way to connect with consumers.The new generations of consumers are active critics, fact-finders, content creators, buzz-marketers and user-innovators. They demand highly personalized, socially relevant experiences. Thechallenge is up to us to step away from traditional business models, to let go of control of content and brand, and to adapt and innovate in thisever-changing marketplace. The fact is, the ads of today just won’t work tomorrow.
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)ICT Enables InnovationLower Prices through Efficiencies in Supply ChainsWalmartDell: Direct to Consumer PersonalizationHigher PricesFarmers in India use mobile phones to find out the price in bigger cities, so they can sell their produce at higher pricesSuperior Differentiated ServiceFedEx: Speed and reliability of service
  • KEY MESSAGE: MS is committed to support the entrepreneurism across the boardK12 students: Microsoft YouthSpark is a companywide initiative designed to create opportunities for hundreds of millions of youth around the world. Through partnerships with governments, nonprofits and businesses, we aim to empower youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities. Initiatives range from software donation to youth IT capacity building.Project Kodu stimulates very young students to develop games without coding ( High School Students: Imagine Cup is world’s premier student competition. It inspires students from all over the world to develop innovative solutions for business and humanitarian causesBizSpark: supports entrepreneurs with software, tools, services and networking they need to succeed in their businesses
  • Microsoft BizSpark provides all sort of support for new businesses – software, tools, connection with investors, Cloud Computing ResourcesImagine Cup is world’s premier student competition – in FY13 10,000 projects were submitted across MEA; 3,000 from MENA
  • KEY MESSAGE: MS Cares, MS is Value for startups, MS is innovation. BizSpark has 50,000+ global members; 2,000 from MEANabbesh is the Middle East’s skills marketplace; connecting skilled individuals with freelance, project based or part time opportunities. Nabbesh is an award winning startup having won a high profile televised competition in Dubai called The Entrepreneur.TwitMail is a web service to let Twitter users share rich content emails with their followers.Dakwak is the leader in website translation technology, allowing businesses to translate and manage multilingual websites without any technical involvement.Travel Capitalist Ventures is the world's first travel focused investment firm. Investments span USD 500K to USD 100M in leading travel companies around the world. FOO is one of the leading mobile apps development companies in the Middle-East. A pioneer in the region, having been founded in 2009, FOO boasts a distinctive portfolio setting it apart from the competitionRawyis a digital publishing marketplace that provides digital services for storytelling. Through Rawy, we are capable of digitizing the printed illustrations. We help others create their high quality interactive content.
  • KEY MESSAGE: Microsoft has been partnering with key startups enabler throughout MENA. So startups can not only count with the best software and tools to build their applications but also this partners experience on startups business to help them succeed.
  • MS CaresMS is Value for startupsMS is innovation
  • Supporting MENA Innovation & Entrepreneurism in the Digital Economy, Microsoft

    1. 1. With the Support of Some Key Partners PARTNERS LOGOS HERE Supporting MENA Innovation & Entrepreneurism in the Digital Economy Charbel Fakhoury VP Sales, Marketing & Services Microsoft Middle East and Africa
    2. 2. Our Goal Help YOU to turn your IDEA…into REALITTY
    3. 3. The Opportunity
    4. 4. ModernComputing
    5. 5. UnifiedbyDesign
    6. 6. ConnectedThroughThe Cloud
    7. 7. Connectedto Each Other
    8. 8. With Multiple Ways of Monetization Put People First Enhance, Build Trust, Add Value
    9. 9. How can we Help?
    10. 10. K12 students High school students and above Entrepreneurs Supporting Entrepreneurism End to End
    11. 11. In Practice • AccesstoaHugeCommunityofPeersAcross theGlobe • ConnectionwithInvestors,Mentorsand Partners • FREESoftwareandSupport • WindowsAzure $60K Offer TheLargestTechnicalStudent intheWorld • 1.65 million competitors • 190 countries competed • 3,000 projects from MENA region Support Visibility Software Growing Entrepreneurs Imagine Cup
    12. 12. Some Great Successful Stories to Share Rawy
    13. 13. With the Support of Some Key Partners
    14. 14. Thank you! • Free software and support • WindowsAzure $60K Offer • Monetization Opportunities around the Globe • Connection with Investors • Visibility Through MS Channels Conclusion Visit our booth, join BizSpark and you could win aWin8 Device!