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Payfort Payment Report 2014


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A year ago, PayFort was founded with the goal of connecting institutions and customers through the use of payment options. Since then we have helped hundreds of entities, from businesses to governments to promising Arab startups, grow by understanding how people pay in the region. To commemorate our one year anniversary we are sharing our expertise into the ever changing payments industry, within the rapidly growing Arab World, with our State of Payments Report.
You’ll Learn:
• Consumer Demographics, Popular Products Online, and Online Payment Methods in the UAE, KSA, Egypt, and Kuwait.
• Credit and Debit Card Issuance and it’s Growth in the Arab World.
• Cash-On-Delivery Hidden Costs.
• Guide to Benchmarking Your Online Business.
• Alternative Payments Trends and Outlook.
• Travel and Tourism Online Spending.
• E-Commerce Average Transaction Sizes, Online Penetration, and Top Sites per Market.
• M-Commerce Trends and Outlook.
• The Future of Payments in the Arab World.
To download the full report please clickhere

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Payfort Payment Report 2014

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