McDonalds Lebanon Social Media Case Study, Think Media Labs


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McDonalds Lebanon Social Media Case Study, Think Media Labs
Ayman Itani, Founder and CEO, Think Media Labs
Karim Miknas, Managing Director, McDonalds Lebanon

ArabNet Digital Summit 2013, June 24-26, Dubai UAE

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McDonalds Lebanon Social Media Case Study, Think Media Labs

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  4. 4. In 15 April 2013 McDonald's Lebanon introduced new elements to their menu. Not only one burger, but three burgers with different themes and ingredients under the“ ” Campaign.
  5. 5. Concept: • We wanted the users not only to smell or taste flavors from another culture, but also fully experience another culture.
  6. 6. Competition: 3 Weeks each Campaign
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  9. 9. The Mexican and Asian Burger where SOLD OUT in one week !
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  13. 13. Joey Audi Case Joey is a 15-year old boy who participated in McDonald's competition to win a trip to Mexico. So he created his own Facebook Page, as well as a video describing how bad he wants the trip and asking people to vote for him. p?v=10201062936841422
  14. 14. Unfortunately for Joey did not win. However, McDonald’s Lebanon wanted to show him how much they appreciated his effort. So they invited him…
  15. 15. …to fly over Lebanon !
  16. 16. Joey created TWO more videos to thank McDonald's and to share his experience above Lebanon  0201259737441314 v=10201324100810358
  17. 17. thinkmedialabs.com content/uploads/2010/02/advertising.jpg
  18. 18. • Always have a backup plan in case the business situation changes (ex: sold out) • Be transparent when updating Terms and Conditions
  19. 19. • It helps to have a“Straight Talk”element to your Terms and Conditions where you explain the competition in widely-understood terms, then follow it with the detailed legal part which is typical of Terms and Conditions.
  20. 20. • Reward users initiative even if not strictly compliant with the terms and conditions
  21. 21. • During the competition a team was ready to cover 24hours all Social Media Platforms
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  23. 23. • Make sure the competition you run is mobile friendly especially that there is an offline aspect of the competition. Have full mobile supports (apps, ads, content,…) your-xenforo-mobile-friendly.html
  24. 24. • The online community will tell you almost as fast as your internal team what is going on in your business (ex: products are sold out)
  25. 25. • Brief well your employees and involve them with the fun (even if they can’t win for transparency and being customer-first driven)
  26. 26. • Visit the offline stores and observe users when participating for improving the process
  27. 27. • Enjoy the competition with the user ! twitter-party-volunteering-family/ronald-mcdonald-kids
  28. 28. thinkmedialabs.com content/uploads/2010/02/advertising.jpg
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  30. 30. TMLjoey TMLvid
  31. 31. Presentations of TML can be found at: /thinkmedialabs /thinkmedialabs /thinkmedialabs Search Think Media Labs Download our App: