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Contributing Open Source Arabization Features by Mario Awad


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ArabNet Digital Summit 2012, March 27 - 31. Developer Days, March 27, Developer Lighting Talk -Contributing Open Source Arabization Features - by Mario Awad

Published in: Technology, Business
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Contributing Open Source Arabization Features by Mario Awad

  1. 1. Contributing Open Source Arabization FeaturesWHAT?what is missingHOW? WHY? why you should contributehow you can contribute 2012 ArabNet Lightning Talk / Mario Awad / Founder & Developer at SOFTKUBE s.a.r.l.
  2. 2. WHAT?1. Multilingual support (WordPress, Drupal…)2. Numbering & Accounting3. Date & Currency formatting4. Unicode features (PHP)5. Layout optimizations to support RTL languages6. Plenty of other features that need work!
  3. 3. HOW?1. Tweet & share community solutions2. Comment & contribute to community solutions3. Your blog entries (no matter how small)4. Your contribution to popular systems5. Your standalone open source plugins and modules6. Basically anything, SHARE IT!
  4. 4. WHY?1. BENEFIT you will2. Your projects will3. Your clients will4. Your company will5. Your network / country / region will THE WHOLE WORLD WILL!
  5. 5. THANK YOU!MarioAwad Founder & Developer @Get in touch Resources & Credits@marioawad [at] - -