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Arabic lebanese bible genesis 1


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Arabic lebanese bible genesis 1

  1. 1. ^yi ju i^ jyi juuJijwajj ^^1 J^j (i ^^ jwaj ^ 4il Jlij.jU ciLAj ^1 l5y (^^-^ ^ ^^ (^ c^^^4Jil {j^^3 jU^ ^^*^i uti^ --•^y L^3 JL^Ij
  2. 2. JUI jl^ l^ ^1^1 jyyM^ yjA (J^ (JJI j^-^j crt-^ tl^^=^J (>j*^l (j^ Wi l^jj^^ U—^ (>• J lU^a* j3^ C:?^ j^^^j cAr^ u^j*^ cuJLUj . jU> .cJL"oL»!iLJ u^^ uLi^ cW^j j^-^ cjh J-^^auU^ ^ uJ V>^*^ ^3^J -CA^J C^^i oUjIj(>.^^l 4l)l J.4XJ .jU> <^1^J U^J^^I J^ S?>^J 4ijl 141^3 ^^ J^j . jlUI Ji^ jGJ JJLiUlJI ^ ^ •^ ^. ^UJI (jij (J^ u^j"^ c3y jil> jiiaj i^J ^^ n
  3. 3. jyi jju- 1^>?^J Jj^J .>^ J^J l/j^ ^j • ^-^^^^ (^.(jijil Ji^ J^^^. J~^^ ij^^ J3^^^ ^t^ci^ (jij*ill {J^^3 ^1 cU^J -j^ ^-^3 U-**-^. lju^ /^i ^1 4fil <-ili-j l^...:^ lyb ^Jx. (j^j*ilU^^UImiIj (>>j*ill >*x.j ^j^^ 3*i!jl ^.*^ >Ul^jO^^ l nr . Ill 4^1 JUj .(>>j*ifl Jx- -^Jfe^ Ol.>^J. I4J >^j u^j^^l crj (J^ Jj^ g^ l^x:^ JS"
  4. 4. ^yi ju i^oy^ J^llj .(J^ill uLiwL; u^>^ jj^ (^^i»^ y^.jU iiU3 lJ^^ >^I cA^^ c)^ ^4^^ 5^ THE BOOK OF GENESIS IN LEBANESE by M. S. SEALE Trinitarian Bible Society 217 Kingston Road, London, S. W. 19