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  1. 1.  Frank Owen Gehry was born in Canada on February 28, 1929.  He’s a jewish architect who lives in North America and have won some awards. Frank Owen Gehry Frank Gehry is a Canadian- American architect known for postmodern designs, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.
  2. 2. FRANK GEHRY Born Frank Owen Goldberg February 28, 1929 (age 85) Toronto, Ontario, Canada Nationality Canadian, American Alma mater University of Southern California Awards AIA Gold Medal National Medal of Arts Order of Canada Pritzker Prize Praemium Imperiale Practice Gehry Partners, LLP Buildings Guggenheim Museum, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Gehry Residence, Weisman Art Museum, Dancing House, Art Gallery of Ontario, EMP,Cinémathèque française, 8 Spruce Street, Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art The Vontz Center for Molecular Studies, University of Cincinnati
  3. 3. biography Frank Gehry was born Frank Owen Goldberg on February 28, 1929, in Toronto, Canada. The Goldberg family was Polish and Jewish. Frank was creative at a young age, building imaginary homes and cities from items found in his grandfather's hardware store. This interest in unconventional building materials would come to characterize Gehry's architectural work. Gehry relocated to Los Angeles in 1949, holding a variety of jobs while attending college. He would eventually graduate from the University of Southern California's School of Architecture. It was during his time that he changed his Goldberg surname to Gehry, in an effort to preclude anti-Semitism. In 1956, Gehry moved to Massachusetts with his wife, Anita Snyder, to enroll at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He later dropped out of Harvard and divorced his wife, with whom he had two daughters. In 1975, Gehry married Berta Isabel Aguilera, and had two more children.
  4. 4. Much of Gehry's work falls within the style of Deconstructivism, which is often referred to as post-structuralist in nature for its ability to go beyond current modalities of structural definition. This can be seen in Gehry's house in Santa Monica. In architecture, its application tends to depart from modernism in its inherent criticism of culturally inherited givens such as societal goals and functional necessity. Because of this, unlike early modernist structures, Deconstructivist structures are not required to reflect specific social or universal ideas, such as speed or universality of form, and they do not reflect a belief that form follows function. Gehry's own Santa Monica residence is a commonly cited example of deconstructivist architecture, as it was so drastically divorced from its original context, and in such a manner as to subvert its original spatial intention. ARCHITECTURAL STYLE
  5. 5. Frank gehry house
  6. 6. Awards •1988: Elected into the National Academy of Design •1989: Pritzker Architecture Prize •1992: Praemium Imperiale •1994: The Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize •1995: Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate Award •1998: National Medal of Arts •1999: AIA Gold Medal •2000: Cooper–Hewitt National Design Award Lifetime Achievement •2003: Order of Canada] •2004: Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service •2006: Inductee, California Hall of Fame •2007: Henry C. Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction Technology from the National Building Museum (on behalf of Gehry Partners and Gehry Technologies) •2008: Order of Charlemagne (declined honor)[2012: Twenty-five Year Award
  7. 7.  After leaving Harvard, Frank Gehry returned to California, making a name for himself with the launch of his "Easy Edges" cardboard furniture line. The Easy Edges pieces, crafted from layers of corrugated cardboard, sold between 1969 and 1973. Wigle Side chair Style
  8. 8. Wigle side chair Design: 1972 Production: 1972 Manufacturer: Easy Edges, Inc., New York Size: 85 x 42.5 x 60; seat height 45.5 cms Material: corrugated cardboard, fiberboard, round timber
  9. 9. The Fish Frank Owen Gehry
  10. 10. The Fish  The fish is the only sculpture that Frank Gehry has designed in Barcelona.  It was built in 1992 for The Olympic Games in Barcelona and it’s located beside Mapfre towers and Archs hotel in Barceloneta Beach.
  11. 11. Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
  12. 12. Other Buildings Frank Gehry moreover, has designed: Guggenheim musem (Bilbao, Spain) American Center (París, France) Walt disney concert Hall (Los Ángeles, EE.UU.) PREPARED BY ARAABDULKHALIQ