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F&F Aquatech India 2010


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F&F Aquatech India 2010

  1. 1. AQUATECH INDIA 2010 The leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and waste water FACTS & FIGURES The first edition of Aquatech India exceeded all The exhibition programme provides an extensive expectations. The show was opened by the Minister of overview of the latest developments in the fields of water Water Resources of India, who stated that the gathering treatment, transport and storage, point of use, process of international water industry professionals at Aquatech control technology and process automation, research and India plays a vital role in finding solutions for the consultancy and water utilities. Aquatech India is part countries water related challenges. of Aquatech Global Events, which also include Aquatech Amsterdam, Aquatech China and WQA Aquatech USA. Aquatech India 2010 sets the standard The first edition of Aquatech India exceeded all expectations. No less than 180 exhibitors from 18 countries and 9,500 visitors, more than 250 conference delegates and 60 high level CEO’s of utility water boards were brought together in the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre in New Delhi from February 3 to 5, 2010. Origin of visitors 6 7 2 1 3 5 4 1 New Delhi 54% 2 Haryana 10% 3 Uttar Pradesh 9% 4 Maharashtra 8% 5 Gujarat 8% 6 Punjab 3% 7 Rajasthan 2% Others 6% Organisers Supporters
  2. 2. VISITORS EXHIBITORS Visitors of Aquatech India 2010 were able to benefit from the A total of 180 exhibitors from over 18 different countries and regions comprehensive educational programme including: Aquatech India participated in the 8.000 sqm exhibition and displayed their latest water Conference on Innovative Technologies in Water Sustainability, treatment products and technologies. Of the exhibitors, 69% were Utility Leaders Forum, AquaStages and lots of business opportunities. satisfied to very satisfied about the exhibition. Exhibitors were able to The exhibition drew a great number of final decision makers and have face-to-face contact with a striking number of 9,500 visitors. advisers (80%). The majority of the visitors (78%) were satisfied with 77 % of the exhibitors intend to exhibit again in 2011. their visit to Aquatech India. Most visitors stayed 4 hours or more at the exhibition and advice others to visit Aquatech India in 2011. Goals for exhibiting at Aquatech India 2010 100% Company profile of visitors A Making new contacts 93% B Maintaining contacts with existing 80% T business partners 53% A 60% C Introducing a new product/service 49% RS Q D Image, PR objectives 47% P 40% O E Direct sales and/or taking orders 27% N M 20% F Other reason 11% L 85% of the exhibitors achieved their goals K 0% A B C D E F for exhibiting at Aquatech India 2010. J I H B Satisfaction with visitor quality G D A A Very satisfied 11% F B Satisfied 57% C Not very satisfied 25% E D C D Not satisfied at all 7% A Engineering 19% L Soil and water treatment 2% C B Owner of company 19% M Trade association 2% C Manufacturer 15% N Food processing industry 1% D Supplier 5% O Government, central (ministry) 1% E Water (supply) company 5% P Healthcare/pharmaceutical 1% F Water control/treatment authority 5% Q Not currently employed / retired 1% G Distributor 3% R Other governmental & partly H Architect/designing organisation 2% governmental organisation 1% B I Dealer 2% S Research institute 1% J Government, local (municipality) 2% T Other 12% K Institutional care 2% Exhibitor quotes “The exhibition raised the bar on quality exhibitions for the Water Reasons for visiting A New products / services / Treatment Industry in India and we believe such was truly required to help technologies 69% raise the awareness levels of what needs to be urgently done in the country 70% B General overview of the market for generating a sustainable living platform for all water stakeholders 60% and developments 63% in Indian society.“ 50% C Making new contacts 55% Norit India Pvt. Limited, Sudeep S, Country Head 40% D Maintaining contacts with existing 30% business partners 27% “The Aquatech India exhibition was a good platform for us to meet new E Visiting the Aquatech India customers, with visitors coming from across India. It also allowed us to 20% Conference 24% spend time with existing customers, who were really excited to see our new 10% F Requesting quotations 12% products and were happy to meet.” 0% A B C D E F G H I G Purchasing or ordering 9% H Visiting the Utility Leadership Forum 1% Marinelle van den Munckhof, Global Marketing Communications I Other 5% Manager, Philips Lighting B.V. Recommend visiting to others C D A Definitely 59% The upcoming Aquatech India will take place from 2 – 4 March 2011 B Probably 36% at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. C Probably not 4% D Definitely not 2% Amsterdam RAI Inter Ads-Brooks Exhibitions (India) Aquatech Project Team Pvt. Ltd. P.O. Box 77777 Plot No. 859, Phase-V B A 1070 MS Amsterdam Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon-122 The Netherlands 016 Haryana, India T: +31(0)20 549 1212 T: +91 124 452 4105 F: +31(0)20 549 1889 F: +91 124 438 1162 E: E: