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Black Granite Countertops - a Daring Touch of Sophistication to the Kitchen


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Black granite countertops are making a big comeback into our kitchens. Glossy or matte, with more or less veining and splashes of different shades, black granite is always making a captivating appearance. This granite type is also providing a powerful performance. Strong and durable as any other granite, dark granite countertops will always make a powerful statement. Some people may be afraid to use black granite countertops in their kitchens. Some think that black is too dark and that this type of granite can transform a kitchen into a gloomy and drab space. The truth is, if you choose any of the black granite colors, you will have made an excellent decision. Of course, you need to understand the space and make a plan in accordance with your specific, practical needs in the kitchen. Another important thing is the style you want to see and enjoy every day. The top choices of popular black granite colors are Black Pearl, Impala Black, Agatha Black, Absolute Black, Titanium, Black Galaxy, India Black, and Cambrian Black. You can see samples of some of these popular granite colors at Aqua's slab yard in Wayne, New Jersey. When considering granite countertops for your kitchen, the price is, besides the looks, something that must be considered and taken into an account. Generally, granite countertop cost for both material and installation can go roughly from about $100 per square foot, up to $250. However, be aware that this is a vast range. There are several factors that will influence the price you’ll pay in the end for your black granite countertops. These are the grade of the material, the complexity of the job, and who is installing your black granite countertops. Keep in mind that choosing to work directly with the material supplier will cut your costs. The material and the installation will cost you less if you choose to cut out the middle man. Your savings can be anywhere from 15% to 25% in the end. Whether your cooking space is traditional, country, modern, minimalist, dramatic, airy, industrial, or of farmer design, dark countertops will simply add a luxurious feel to it. And, you won’t be forced into a particular color scheme. It is so easy to create contrasts and choose other colors for your kitchen when you install black granite. When paired with white, beige or any other lighter cabinetry, black granite countertops will create an easy and logical contrast within a gorgeous modern environment. Black granite countertops have an almost universal appeal to buyers who are looking for great style and quality in the home they buy. They aren't just some trend that will go out of fashion. Black granite is timeless due to both its beauty and practicality. This makes it a selling point any time down the road. If you are ready to bring elegance into your kitchen, contact Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Wayne, New Jersey for a free estimate and advice.

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