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Speech preparation


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Speech preparation

  1. 1. Formal Speeches Sales Presentations Informal Talks Awards Toasts Speech PreparationPrepare a speech for maximum persuasive effect -- including research, organization, and writing, as wrewriting existing materials.Overcome mental blocks -- including procrastination -- and develop the motivation to succeed.Clarify and sharpen the intentions and purpose of the presentation in accord with an analysis of audieand expectations.Incorporate visual (and other sensory) stimuli into the presentation. Analysis and planning of visual atheir handling and use during the presentation.Use vivid language and support materials for greater interest and emotional impact. Speech DeliveryConquer speaking anxiety (stage fright) and gain the confidence to speak well in public.Achieve an impressive style of delivery through effective use of voice, movement, and gesture.Use humor appropriately and successfully.Answer questions and objections with ease. Learn to think and speak on your feet -- spontaneously --preparation.Use audience participation in ways that strengthen (and do not