Good sense of humor


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Good sense of humor

  1. 1. Good sense of humorTo understand a man you should walk a mile in his shoes. If what he says stillbothers you thats ok because youll be a mile away from him and youll have hisshoes.” -UnknownWell! If this makes your funny side triggers as it did mine, one thing is sure thatwe share a good enough sense of humor. It gave me a hearty laugh but at the sametime raced my mind to evaluate and admire the beautiful idea presented by theauthorHow lightly the unknown author voiced the important criteria denoting “benignunderstanding” which preachers would have taken almost an hour to make it as apoint.This is what a good sense of humor is all about. To put it in Mary Hirsh’s words,“Humor is a rubber sword – it allows you to make a point without drawingblood.”What does a good sense of humor achieve?The one who usually steals the show, the one who always forms the centre ofattraction is the one who succeeds in evoking laughter, smiles and pleasurewherever he is present. Having a good sense of humor or being witty is a qualitythat takes a preceding position in the list of virtues related with a good personality.Where ever a person with a good sense of humor goes , he / she invokes smilesand laughter, is heartily welcomed, and spreads pleasure and brightens up theatmosphere. A person who has a good sense of humor sometimes even invokesenvy amongst those who are jealous of his popularity and lack the sense of humor.But believe me as soon as they come in contact with him the envy too turns into aliking and friendliness. This is the power of a good sense of humor.Having a good sense of humor makes one immensely successful and popular. Aperson having a good sense of humor magnetizes everyone present towards him,invokes bursts of laughter wherever he goes. Such a person is successful ininvoking positivity even in problematic situations and makes everyone look at thebrighter sides of the difficult things also.
  2. 2. Can one develop a good sense of humor?A good sense of humor is generally a natural trait amongst those who have it. It isthe ability of invoking laughter naturally. Perhaps the one possessing it looks atthe situations, circumstances, or a particular topic from a different view point.Even though a good sense of humor is an inherent part of one’s personality still itcould be donned by everyone who gets himself/herself in awe of the quality.The quality is worth imbibing as it makes you an adorable human being. Why is itso? Because anyone and everyone in the company of the one possessing a goodsense of humor is pleasant and happy. It is said that it is impossible to keepeveryone happy at the same time, but when it comes to a person with this immensequality the adage loses strength. A person with a good sense of humor manages tokeep everyone happy the reason behind this is that the one who possess a goodsense of humor is able to take all despairs, insults, unhappy situations in a gentlestride.How to have a good sense of humor?If you wish to pursue a good sense of humor, you’ll have to work hard as,developing the trait involves rectification of personality at many levels. A goodsense of humor is a result of many virtues bundled up strongly in a person. • The first thing which is needed is to be spontaneous and natural to notice wit and humor in things you come across.
  3. 3. Those blessed with a good sense of humor naturally see wit and humor in the day to day activities and incidents of life in general. The ability to invoke humor and laughter comes as a natural asset to many. In case you too wish the trait to be a part of your personality then try to concentrate on the lighter side of all moments of life.• Those who possess great sense of humor are often gifted with power of being non-judgmental. The capacity of accepting people as they are without bothering about their being good or bad develops an innate liking towards the people in general that enables one to infuse wit and humor in situations related to people, circumstances, situations or incidents without being satirical.• Another quality which gives a person a good sense of humor is the feeling of love towards all. No resentment, no ill feelings targeted towards anyone. True laughter emerges only when someone cracks a joke which is not based on making light of someone. The one who is always welcomed as the show stopper of the party never debases anyone on the contrary his attitude consists of bringing a smile on the face of everyone he comes across. A good sense of humor results from the desire to create affinity with everyone and an environment of pleasantness all around.• Positivity is an important virtue which gives on a good sense of humor. A good sense of humor might also spring up by looking at good points in worst situations. Tremendous power of accepting incidents as they come across without struggling to change or run away from them gives the ability to be able to take things lightly and confront them with pleasantness and humor. In other words a man blessed with a good sense of humor is able to see that a man has enough scope and power to face the worst situations of life with a positive and dignified approach.• Looking at people who have a good sense of humor one notice that those people weave common sense in their communication and interaction which makes them able to invoke fun and humor. Their focus is on general and obvious things coming their way. Focusing on people and things around them, generally those who have a good sense of
  4. 4. humor are good listeners, cracking jokes intermittently such that they please the people present around them. Such people have great power of infusing tranquilly and lightness in the moments filled with chaos and disturbance. • A person with a good sense of humor looks playful and not serious, but is actually the one who is serious enough to have understood what life is. The one who takes life seriously is the one who understands that it so precious not to be wasted over trivialities and unpleasantness. Hence he always makes it worth living and worthwhile by infusing it with laughter by looking at the brighter side of everything. The actions of a person with a good sense of humor are targeted towards making others smile and laugh. They have the great courage to take pain playfully and not succumb to despair by bearing grudges in heart but by diffusing it with wit and humor.A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles. Tolerant andforgiving of the short comings of life, this involves being compassionate to someextent.Benefits of a good sense of humor:A good sense of humor instantly changes the environment. It relieves all theirritation and resentment the moment it crops up. It brings people together. Itbonds people. It helps in gelling people together. A person having a good sense ofhumor possesses great attraction.Moreover a person with a good sense of humor always manages to take adversitiesin his way, to make a way out of every difficult situation, to save his face in alladverse situations.To sum the benefits of having a good sense of humor or wit I quote Bill Kellywhen he says, “After God created the world, He made man and woman. Then, tokeep the whole thing from collapsing, He invented humor.”