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We are an experiential marketing and events agency, passionate about creating brand experiences that help deliver real results for clients


1.television ads
2.Radio ads
3.Newpaper ads
4.magazines ads

2.Road Show
3.Mall Activations
4.Home 2 Home
5.Kiosk Activations
6.Brand Promotions

1.Volvo Bus Branding
2.Auto Branding
4.Wall Painting
5.Bus Stop Branding
6.Medium Branding
7.Mobile Display
9.Retail Visiul Merchandising

1.Comercial Events
3.DJ Nights
4.Fashion Shows
5. Deelers Meet
6.Wedding Parties
7.product launches
8.Showroom Openings

2.Eco Solvent
4.Digital Printing
offsite printing

metal fabrication
flex board
GSb board
2d acp led board
3d acp led board
all types of fabrication
wooden fabrication
stall fabrication
all other fabrication

press conferences
malls branding

contact us:
#1253/A 1st FLOOR 32nd "G" cross

MOBLIE NO:+919845372409


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Eyedeaevents new profile (1)

  1. 1. Media Television ads Radio Ads Newspaper Ads Magazines Ads Prodcutions Printing -Solvent -Eco-solvent -inkjet -Digital Printing -Offsite Printing Metal Fabrication -Flex Board -GSB Board -2D ACP Led Board -3D ACP LED Board -All types Of Other Fabrication Wooden Fabrication -Stall fabrication -All Other Fabrication . . . . Pr o mo t io n s In Shop Road Shows Mall Activations Home 2 Home Kiosk Activations Brand Promotions . . . . . . EventsCommercialevents Corporate DJ nights Fashion shows dealer meets wedding parties product launches Showroom Openings . . . . . . . . Adver t isemen t Volvo Branding Auto Branding Hoardings Wall Painting Bus stop Branding Medium branding mobile display merchandising retail visual Merchandising . . . . . . . . . . Other press conferences Exhibitions carnivals malls branding decoration . . . . .
  2. 2. What we ARE ? We are specialized in conceptualization and liquidation of activities for the Companies we bind to work with, the specification required to manage these are the Skilled labor for the concept creation with proper aspects and the manpower for the Other activities such as Promotions, we are strong among both the categories Today promotions and events are become a very usefull tool for sustaining honest And Ethically responsible computation and gives you a opportunity to exert a positive Ethically responsible computation and gives you a opportunity to exert a positive Influence on the consumer, another aspect of promotions is cost benefit, this will Economically benefit your company What we can do for you? Colorful product launches with a range of high visible activity. Very high visual merchandising within a short period. Counter promos to keep existing and future customer from your computation. Offering high consumer interaction that ensures your product is the best seller. To promote and publicize your already flourishing brand and corporate image. Design activity toliquidate your back lagging and underselling product.
  3. 3. What we believe in That there is no better business referral than that Given by a satisfied client. Being best event management company always our Motto is to discuss our client requirements to understand there Objectives and deliver solution that meet and often exceed their Expectation We believe that by inspiring people - each other. Our clients and their audience - we shall always inspire results. We believe that understanding the client business and the brand values Is the key to a successful plan. We believe our understanding of media all its forms Our network and ability to plan in integrated manner . A measurable activation is our core
  4. 4. Road ShowsRoad Shows
  5. 5. Mall ActivitiesMall Activities
  6. 6. Mall ActivitiesMall Activities
  7. 7. Look walker activityLook walker activity
  8. 8. Kiosk activitiesKiosk activities
  9. 9. Birthday partiesBirthday parties
  10. 10. Corporate eventsCorporate events
  11. 11. Dealers meetDealers meet
  12. 12. Focus trainingFocus training
  13. 13. Marriage eventsMarriage events
  14. 14. home 2 home activitieshome 2 home activities
  15. 15. Store launchesStore launches
  16. 16. DjNights DjNights
  17. 17. DecorationsDecorations
  18. 18. in store brandingin store branding
  19. 19. Branding & ProductionBranding & Production
  20. 20. Contact us Of ce + Courier #1253/A 1st FLOOR 32nd "G" CROSS 4TH 'T' BLOCK JAYANAGAR BANGALORE - 560041 MOBLIE NO: +919845372409 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
  21. 21. Thank youThank you