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HubShout Webinar - Delivering Premium Content


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A large part of a successful SEO strategy is great content. In order to provide your clients with the best content placed on the most opportune sites, you need to incorporate the Premium Writer program into your plans.

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HubShout Webinar - Delivering Premium Content

  1. 1. Agenda  PremiumWriter  Premium Infographic with Promotion  How does encrypted search and (not provided) impact you?  Changes to dashboard  Shoring up other metrics
  2. 2. New approach  Launched in June  New content types  Onsite Blog  Infographic  Press Release  Business Interview  Video  End UserValue in everything we do
  3. 3. Great ContentTakesWork  Making of GreatAd Campaign  Starts with quantitative and qualitative analysis of customers  In-depth interviews with all stakeholders  Concepts  Testing  Rollout
  4. 4. Behind the Scenes Client provides brief Research team converts to facts Writers create content Video team creates videosInfographics
  5. 5. PremiumWriter  Our senior writers  More time  Enhanced layouts  Lists  Best quality scores  Rolling out in October  Dedicated toYour Account *Onsite content still premium group but not dedicated without Premium upgrade.
  6. 6. Premium Placement  Extra effort to place syndicated content on most relevant sites  Higher Domain Authority  More audience  More relevant to client’s business  Manage and setup PPC Retargeting Campaign
  7. 7. Not Provided
  8. 8. The Handshake Google YourWebsite Referrer = Google Query = Blue Shoes GoogleAnalytics When a search engine refers visitors to your website, there is a handshake between the sites (HTTP) that includes referrer and query.The query part is not longer provided by Google.
  9. 9. Common Questions  So this means you won’t be able to show me search rankings now?  No, keyword rankings are fine.Those are determined by analyzing SERP  How will I be able to select keywords for my campaign?  Estimated monthly search volume data is not impacted by this change.  How will we evaluate the performance of my clients campaign?  Existing metrics like rankings and total traffic.  Expanded metrics like leads by source and entrances by source.
  10. 10. Dashboard Impacts  Metrics on dashboard will change  Non-branded organic traffic will be removed  # of pages with organic referrals will be added
  11. 11. SEO  Remove  Non-branded traffic from top graph  Remove traffic sub-tab  Remove top traffic table  Add  Graph of # of pages with organic entrances  Table of top pages with organic entrances  Add sub pages of all pages with organic entrances  Better graphing of Domain Authority
  12. 12. Keywords  Removing 30 day traffic from Keywords  Monthly searches stays
  13. 13. SearchTraffic Report  Daily orWeekly Search Traffic report will be retired  Q4 release of Daily or Weekly email  Leads & Calls  Recent Activity  Traffic Stats  Conditional to the services you have with us