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GBC - General Broach Sales Brochure


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General Broach Company - Our history is one of growth and innovation. Beyond a quality product, we provide a quality experience. Ever since 1942, we've had an eye on the future and always look for ways to improve and how better to serve our industry.

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GBC - General Broach Sales Brochure

  1. 1. Thank you for considering General Broach. This brochure is an excellent overview of what we can do, but there is so much more to us that cannot be put onto paper. Behind the premium broaching and tooling services we provide is a team of caring and talented individuals. We take customer calls personally to ensure that the right technical information is being provided in a timely manner. We take upon ourselves to further our education and skill set to stay ahead of our competitors. And we take to heart the success of our customers’ final products, as we know that our role in their supply chains is an important one. Aerospace Automotive ATV Agriculture Appliances Energy Firearms Hand Tools Off Road Military Motorcycles Oil Drilling Outboard Marine Small Engine Trailer Axles Beyond a quality product, we provide a quality experience. I stand behind making sure what you get is world class on both accounts. We have been in this business since 1942. Our history is one of growth, innovation, and helping clients meet their manufacturing goals. As we look forward, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve and what we can bring to the industry. Let us see how we can serve your needs. By putting customer service first in all our work, I am certain that we will exceed your expectations. Sincerely, Larry Stover General Manager, General Broach
  2. 2. General Broach offers in-house design and in- house manufacturing, reducing the risk of miscommunications. We have five different specialty machines but can also arrange for custom jobs. If it is tool sharpening you seek, we offer facilities that handle both round and flat, as well as reconditioning. Our fully computerized business administration system simplifies your purchasing procedures. We regularly work with the largest corporations in the world and electronically track all order processing, shipping, and billing information. This guarantees that your experience is both easy and efficient. We realize that reliable delivery is important to our customers’operations. Lead-time on orders can vary butwedoourbesttomeetdeliveryneedsbycarefully managing our resource hours in engineering as well as on the manufacturing floor. We stay in close contact with customers at every stage of the process.
  3. 3. AIRCRAFT DIVISION General Broach Is The Global Leader In Design And Manufacturing Of Aerospace Tooling We have earned the prestigious CSMC Supplier Certification from Pratt & Whitney in the manufacturing of “Slotter, Dovetail, Semi-finisher and Finisher Fir Tree” form broaches. We also hold the following certifications: AS9100:ISO2009 (Rev C) and ISO 9001:2008. Here is how you can benefit from working with General Broach’s aerospace experts: • Design specialists use 3D modeling software to meet aerospace industry design requirements. • Engineers take the 3D part model and design the tooling for effective broaching. • Skilled team members with hundreds of years of combined experience, use our new precision CNC grinding machine, holding profile tolerances to within .0002. • Completed tools are verified by broaching a carbon coupon. It is checked on our J&L Epic 30 Optical Comparator or profile scanned on our Leitz PMM.
  4. 4. These specialized broaches precisely cut either external or internal shapes on blind surfaces that have flanges or protrusions, which prevent traditional broach cutting tools from passing over or through them. Over seven decades of broaching experience gives us the experience to focus on meeting your budget, schedule and quality requirements. We are leaders in serving the automotive, aircraft, hand tool, and farm implement industries. As part of our service, we supply FMEAs, process control plans, process flow charts, de-burring and part washing. General Broach is ISO 9001:2008 certified. EDM DIVISION
  5. 5. Ourbusinesshasbeenaleaderfordecades,inventingblindspline broaching in the 1970’s and holding many patents along the way. Here is how you can benefit from working with General Broach’s broaching experts: • Experienced design engineers use the newest CAD and internally developed software programs to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the process of creating, producing and using our broaches. They are available for consultation every step of the way. • Highly trained staff in manufacturing, quality control, and inspection oversee the broaching process. Precision machines, including electrical discharge wire machining (EDM) equipment and industry-leading internal, external, and blind spline broach manufacturing systems, process your parts at the highest level of quality and at the lowest total cost. BROACH TOOL DIVISION • Surface cutting tools: simple flats, slabs, keyways, and form broaches • Internal cutting tools: angular, straight sided, involute, round to square, D style and double D style, straight or spiral gullet • Window cage broaches, simple flats and forms broaches • Blind spline internal punch forms and external die forms • Pot broach external gear cutting tools OUR Broaching tools Only General Broach Offers a Wide Range of Broaching Tool Services to the Metalworking Industry
  6. 6. BROACH MACHINE DIVISION General Broach Specializes in Designing and Building Broaching Systems Dedicated to Helping Industry Achieve Optimum Productivity These systems include tooling, fixtures, controls and all accessory equipment. These systems are highly versatile in meeting all broaching needs and integrated production requirement, and can be supplied to accommodate a wide variety of internal and external cutting applications. Table-Up Machines (Hydraulic or Electromechanical) GBC TUB Specifications • Machine Stroke – 30 to 78 inches • Broach Force – 5 to 50 tons Push-Up Pot Broaching Machines (Hydraulic) GBC PUP Specifications • Machine Stroke – 30 to 60 inches • Broach Force – 5 to 50 tons Blind Spline Machines (Hydraulic or Electromechanical) GBC BSM Specifications • Machine Stroke – 10 to 13 inches • Broach Force – 5 to 50 tons • Index table – 6 to 12 stations (depending on part design) Vertical Pull Down Machines GBC VPD Specifications • Machine Stroke – 24 to 100 inches • Broach Force – 5 to 50 tons Vertical Surface Broaching Machines GBC VSB Specifications • Machine Stroke – 24 to 100 inches • Broach Force – 5 to 50 tons • Single or dual ram
  7. 7. 517-458-7555 307 Salisbury Street, Morenci, MI 49256