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  1. 1. How does your product use, developand challenge the conventions of real media texts?
  2. 2. Can have a range of 10-15 main characters UK soaps are more who have a big range realistic than USA or of gender, sexuality, Spanish soaps. class and races to appeal to the audience as much as possible.In Coronation Street, a grotty pubis one of the main locations used Tend to be aimed atto create a realistic butexaggerated lower class feel to female audience.the characters.Soaps weave into our Catharsis- the viewer culture. can relate to the drama in the tv drama.
  3. 3. A narrative perspective shows who’s point of Traditional soap operas view the story is shown run continuously where from. as American soaps are often shown in series. One main story over the whole soap and many different sub stories which get sorted out in episodes. American charactersBritish characters American and Spanish soaps are more unrealistic as the characters are always made to look good. Whereas British soap characters wear minimal make up to create more realism.
  4. 4. The first shot of theHollyoaks trailer uses anestablishing shot toshow the characters inan expected place they I challenged thiswould meet up. The convention by using amise-en-scene of the mid shot of Soph and JPchairs and plastic cups on a sofa in a livingshows they are at a room. Because of theplace like ‘Starbucks’ or mise-en-scene of the‘Costa Coffee’ so shows sofa and the plain whitethey are friends on a wall, the audience cancasual catch up. establish where the characters are (in a living room environment) but it keeps the main focus on the emotion on Sophie’s face without starting off with a close up camera shot.
  5. 5. In this shot on thecharacter trailer thecharacter walks into Here, Mon walks intothe camera mid shot the camera two shot.rather than the camera She is also framed byfollow him which I found either side of the alleyto be a good technique way and morethat we then went on attention is drawn onand used in our trailer. her than Grimmers. Because of the establishing long shot,The red on the brick the audience knowwall contrasts with the because of the darkgreen making it stand lighting, Mon may beout. We did this so walking into awhen the audience saw dangerous situation.the colour, they’dsubconsciously thinkabout danger. Empty alleyway gives a sense of depth to the scene.However, we mimickedthe Hollyoaks shot Grimmer’susing a long shot when costume is allShad walks into her black whichkitchen which is connotes he has aestablished by the dark side to himdining table and the and because of thechairs to create an situation shown byimpact of her the shot, it showsentrance. he is meeting Mon.
  6. 6. Here is an over theshoulder mid close upshot of the character toshow his emotions in theHollyoaks trailer. Itincludes the othercharacters head and aplain background tomake sure all attentionis on the character’sfacial expression. We also used an over the shoulder shot but only showed part ofThe plain brick Grimmer’s face tobackground wall keeps establish the position ofall the audiences’ focus the characters.on Mon’s emotionsdisplayed by her face in We made Mon’sthis midshot. character stand far back but still in a mid shot position but from a high angle to show Mon’s vulnerability.
  7. 7. In SKINS this scene really appealed to me where ‘Cook’ is speaking to ‘Effy’. It’s location is in a dark alleyway which we imitated when we used dangerous situation. This show a two shot mid shot of both the characters and the dark clothing and lighting shows they are doing something wrong which in the actual scene is shown by the drugs the character ‘Cook’ is smoking.In our trailer we used the sameposition of the characters in a mid Grimmer’s costume is made up of alllong shot. The two characters are black to connote evil as he threatensframed by the mise-en-scene of the Mon. Mon’s costume is black but abrick wall and the lampost/fences white top reflects her innocence andcreating the feel that Mon can’t get her vulnerability to the audienceaway. making them feel sympathy towards her.The location of the shot is in analleyway in Cheadle that’s very quiet.As Grimmers is there before Mon, itshows he’s not a good person choosingan alleyway to meet someone and theaudience know they wouldn’t meetsomeone there. It shows thatGrimmers is of a bad background.
  8. 8. We used a parallel We used a long shotnarrative to show what establishing shot towas happening with both show where Hal wasthe characters at the when Shad was going tosame time by starting contact her. Theoff with Shad ringing Hal audience wouldshown my a close up of automatically knowher phone. We used this from the shot after inas all the audience the parallel narrativewould know Shad is that it’s Hal that Shad istrying to contact contacting because ofsomeone. the note she left. We then used an extremeWe used a close up shot of close up to show a point ofShad to show the emotion view shot of Hal looking aton her face. We kept her her phone. Because it’s aeye level to the middle continuous edit of twothird of the screen so the character’s narratives, theaudience can connect with audience would already knowher emotions as they know this was Hal’s phone becauseshe is unsettled. of the mise en scene of the train tracks that were shown in the long shot establishingI made the sound of the shot. This also creates anon-diegetic music match realism as train stations arethe edits to make it seem easily accessable forlike there were thought everyone so it relates to ourbeats. I also removed the target audiences’ travelling.diegetic sound to make thescene seem more dramaticto the guitar solo.
  9. 9. Darker shadow on Grimmers’face in this close up shot showshe’s a bad character andconnotes he has something tohide from the viewers. All soapshave to have a bad person tocreate drama so I thinkGrimmers’ character would liveup to audience expectations andby watching the trailer theaudience will be attracted tothis.The light directly hits Mon’s faceconnoting her innocence andshows how afraid she is by herfacial expression in this midclose up shot. The audience willsubconsciously pick up on thisand know that Grimmers is the‘bad guy’
  10. 10. This is a song I had came across a while ago and Ithought it would fit my trailer straight awaywhen filming. It talks about having someone whomeans something to you and my show plays onbest friends and relationships creating meaningto the story. It’s a slow and fast paced song soconnotes the rollercoaster of emotions that arein my tv drama. The link to the official video of this song on Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-rsQ2e_Gls&ob=av2e
  11. 11. Skins trailerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH0O5AuYC30This trailer also uses short snappyedits to the beat of the song as itstarts off fast then slows down tostart playing on the story lines. Itestablishes the characters lifestylefirst which then turns into drama asthe music changes to match themood of the characters.
  12. 12. I chose short snappy clips as it’s one of the typical conventions of a soap trailer and made them match the beats of the music. I started off by using0-1 secs establishing mid shots and long shots of characters to introduce them and show their full costumes and the location they were in to show their class (such as kitchen shows someone’s housing environment and dark, grotty alleyways show a bad background). I also used fade to black edits between different story lines to make it1-3 secs clear to the audience when a different story line is playing. As my trailer shows the basic dramas,3-4 secs when the non diegetic sound is changed to a faster pace I took advantage of that and used edits to match the symbol crashes on the drums and end of bars of guitar solos to show the storylines without diegetic sound creating enigma for the audience to want to5 secs know why Hal doesn’t answer Shad’s phonecall and why Soph and JP fall out.