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Motorola's advance technology 'Password Pill' seminar ppt.

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Password Pill

  1. 1. COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING (Affiliated to MPUAT, Udaipur Rajasthan) A Technical Seminar on Password Pill
  2. 2. Outlines… • IntroductionIntroduction • What is a Password Pill?What is a Password Pill? • Why Password Pill?Why Password Pill? • TechnologyTechnology • Working n processWorking n process • Digital TattooDigital Tattoo • WorkingWorking
  3. 3. Introduction • In October 2013, the Motorola company is working on new methods that would make remembering passwords unnecessary. Motorola thinks it has a solution to the password problem. • Motorola Advanced Technology and Projects Group Chief Regina Dugan disclosed that the firm is working on electronic tattoo or implantable chips that would make the human body the tool for identification. • Motorola is working with mc10, • Motorola disclosed two ways of logging into your electronic device that require no password typing at all:  Pills..  tattoos..
  4. 4. What is password pill  Pill that would serve as a password for all your accounts.
  5. 5. Password Pill…  Motorola has developed a unique way for securing your digital device,  Pill is developed by Proteus Digital Health.  This PILL has a Small Chip inside of it, with a switch, a swallow pill known as a “vitamin authentication” system.  When you swallow it, the acids in your stomach serve as the electrolyte and power it up. And the switch goes on and off, and it creates an 18- bit ECG-like signal in your body and essentially “your entire body becomes your authentication token”.
  6. 6. Why Password Pill People generally don’t use unique passwords for each site they visit. Some people just use Plain password. Even if you use strong passwords, sites still get hacked , That chip would basically turn your entire body into an authentication device, and you would theoretically never have to remember a password . Motorola thinks it has a solution of the Multiple Password problem and security issues. To avoid remember multiple password problem and provide a better way of security. using authentication : Two -Factor Authentication for Unnecessary Remembering Passwords,
  7. 7. Two-Factor Authentication:  Two-factor authentication- where a user logs in with a user name and password, and then a second password is sent by the system to the user via another channel, such as a code sent to the user's phone. The second password is then entered, to complete the authentication. If tattoos/stickers or pills were used, they could become the second factor.
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. Flow chart of Pill Process:
  10. 10. Advantage of Password Pill: Security Easy to use Not harm for body Editable Password Pill All Password in just one Pill Pill is government-approved and “safe” enough that a person could take 30 a day. Disadvantage of Password Pill: Authentication Pill take every day to maintain the effect which could be slight disadvantage, “you may forget your password but you will have to remember to take the pill”.
  11. 11. Digital Tattoo: “This is a developmental system made by MC10. It has an Antenna and some Sensors embedded in it, and what we plan to do is work with them to advance a tattoo that could be used for authentication.” MC10 specializes in products that utilize its stretchable circuits. contain flexible electronic circuits. The tattoo is stretched or twisted, the connections won't break. It's also waterproof, which means that even if you're swimming or in the shower, the tattoo won't be affected.
  12. 12. Electronic sticker  Described electronic tattoo as a variation of wearable technology, with sensors that would unlock your Digital account, tattoo with an electronically generated bar code like image is placed on someone’s arm, Antenna that can recognize your device after which it sent out an authentication signal.  It is clear that the digital tattoo is capable of further breaking down the boundary between users and their devices.  One important thing to note is that this tattoo would almost certainly not be a permanent one.
  13. 13. Advantage of Tattoo: Transparent sticker Stretchable Circuit Wearable technology Waterproof tattoo Temporary tattoo Week long electronic sticker
  14. 14. WHAT WE CONCLUDE...  Google owns several services that require authentication. Imagine a future where Google is even more a part of your everyday life, to the point that you’re taking a pill each morning so you can open up Gmail without having to type in your password.