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Configure Price Quote as an Agent for Change


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Original Air Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Speakers: Marie Francis (Apttus), Elliott Yama (Apttus), Keith Putt (Precor)

Published in: Software
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Configure Price Quote as an Agent for Change

  1. 1. • Submit your questions in the Q&A panel throughout the presentation and we will answer them in the Q&A session at the end • If at any time you experience issues not seeing the slides change or hearing audio, refresh your browser by pressing F5 • Any technical problems can also be submitted in the Q&A Panel • The recording will be sent to all participants post event • Take part in the conversation on Twitter using #CPQAgent Housekeeping 2 #CPQAgent
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers 3 Keith Putt Director of Information Technology, Sales Technology & Process Elliott Yama Associate Vice President, Intelligent Solutions Marie Francis Product Marketing Manager, CPQ #CPQAgent
  3. 3. CPQ as the Agent for Change 4 Process Stakeholders Engagement + Recipe for Success with CPQ Technology #CPQAgent
  4. 4. +28% Quote Quality Sales +7% Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Apttus Customers Source: Apttus Customer Relationship Survey conducted May 2016 by an independent third-party, Satmetrix on 150+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary. QTC = Quote-to-Cash. CPQ = Configure, Price, Quote. Apttus CPQ Increases Sales Revenue +26% Faster QTC Cycle +23% Faster Time to Quote +21% Reduced Rogue Discounting +11% Deal Closure Quote Volume +8% Deal Size +6% Win Rate+11%
  6. 6. Machine Learning is All Around Us Self-driving Car Personal Assistant Page Rank, Search Results Product Recommendations Movie Recommendations
  7. 7. The Machine Learning Revolution is Now 8 Use machine learning to improve sales and marketing performance40% Credit machine learning for improvements in sales performance metrics38% Target higher sales growth with machine learning 76% Source: Sales Gets a Machine-Learning Makeover, MIT Sloan Review, May 2016 #CPQAgent
  8. 8. You Have to Move Beyond Legacy Analytics The Apttus Intelligence Capability Pyramid™ Cognitive Prescriptive Predictive DescriptiveReacting Anticipating Collaborating Orchestrating What will happen and auto-adjust/inform What will happen and how to handle it Anticipating what will happen and assigning probability Understanding what happened using historical data
  9. 9. Apttus Approaches Applications From An Outcome Perspective Incentives to Optimize Behavior BEHAVIOR Machine-Driven Insights to Maximize Outcomes INTELLIGENCETODAY Single Platform QTC Process Automation PROCESS Fully Integrated Enterprise Quote-to-Cash Solution on a Single Platform with Behavior & Intelligence Apttus Unique Capability Fragmented Point Solutions & Manual Processes
  10. 10. Maximize Outcomes with Apttus Quote-to-Cash Intelligence
  11. 11. Quote-to-Cash Intelligence Use Cases Prescriptive Sales Performance Data-driven insights for all your reps to increase deal value and win more deals Prescriptive Product Intelligence Find patterns between customers for data-driven product recommendations Prescriptive Discount Intelligence Analyze quotes for data-driven insights into winning discounts levels and sales guidance 11
  12. 12. Elliott, Intelligent CPQ Launches New Opportunities 13 #CPQAgent
  13. 13. Sales Intelligence 13 Intelligent CPQ Identifies: • New Opportunities • Cross-sell and Up-sell • Product and Service Bundles Because I’ve looked at all the information about the opportunity and the customer and have identified the most relevant products and services.
  14. 14. Filter by: • Similar customers • Promotions • Top performers • Sales incentives and bonuses 15 Insights and Behavior #CPQAgent
  15. 15. Quote: • Price • Quantity • Terms • Discount • Deal guidance 16 Intelligent Guidance #CPQAgent
  16. 16. Pricing Intelligence
  17. 17. Maximize Deal Value
  18. 18. Intelligent Workflow Approvals
  19. 19. • Empower Sellers • Create New Opportunities • Grow Revenue • Increase Margins • Close Faster • Leverage Data • Align Priorities Changing the Game 20 #CPQAgent
  20. 20. Apttus CPQ as the Agent for Change 21 Process Stakeholders Engagement Recipe to Success for CPQ Technology Purchased Apttus CPQ #CPQAgent
  21. 21. • Global Organization • Subsidiary of Amer Sports Corp. • Sell fitness equipment and programming in commercial and consumer markets • Multi Channel – Direct, Dealer and online
  22. 22. Problem: Global Business on Different, Broken Systems • Salesforce as Global CRM • North America: Existing CPQ tool not scaling • Globally: Disconnected Excel spreadsheets without controls • Channel and reseller strategies vary across locations Solution Needed: A Global CPQ that Leverages Precor’s Existing Salesforce Implementation
  23. 23. Precor’s Priority Needs for CPQ Internal Metrics — Visibility of global product demand — More defined weighted pipeline — Global approval process 24 Customer Engagement — Professional quote presentation — E-Signature — Integrated tax calculations #CPQAgent
  24. 24. Precor’s CPQ Process 1. Building Requirements 2. Selection Process 3. Design 25 Recipe to Success: StakeholdersCPQ Technology Process Engagement #CPQAgent
  25. 25. • 6 months with Cross Functional Team • Review Sessions and Feedback • Identify Gaps and Common GroundProcess 1. Precor Building Requirements 26 • Executive vs Sales Operations Needs Stakeholders CPQ Technology • Business Requirements #CPQAgent
  26. 26. • Invited 4 Vendors to Present • Demos, Re-Demos & Technical Demo Process 2. Selection Process 27 • Organized Global Cross Functional Team • Executive Visibility Stakeholders Engagement • 15 Minute Highlight Reel of Demos • Recorded Meetings Available #CPQAgent
  27. 27. • Review Existing Solutions • Detailed Review of Master Data + Business Rules • Understand Native Path of the Application • Prototype and ReviewProcess 3. Design 28 • Face-to-Face with Stakeholders • Renewed Buy-in into Business Rules Stakeholders Engagement • Transparency around Business Rules + Document Gaps in Business Process • Conscious Decisions for Process Exceptions • Review + Iterate #CPQAgent
  28. 28. 29 Building Requirements 6 months Cross Functional Review Sessions & Feedback Identify Common Ground Selection Process Global Team 4 Vendors 15 Minute Highlight Reel Design Face to Face Iterate Document Gaps Question, Investigate & Recap Recipe to Success: StakeholdersCPQ Technology Process Engagement #CPQAgent
  29. 29. Preparing for UAT & Go-Live 30 • Initial solution is a starting point – E-Signature via – Integrated tax calculations via • Inside Sales Training • Outside Sales Training • Lower priority items for Phase One markets, post go-live, Phase Two markets • Address High and Medium priorities prior to Phase Two markets • Manage evolution Add Your Screenshot to Layer Below Laptop Screen #CPQAgent
  30. 30. “You don’t build systems for yesterday, and you ideally should not build them just for today. You should build them for today and everything in the future.” -Keith Putt, Director of Information Technology, Sales Technology & Process 31
  31. 31. Q&A
  32. 32. 33 Sales +7% Apttus CPQ as the Agent for Change Stakeholders Process Engagement #CPQAgent Visit