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Launching a white paper with social media


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Make your white paper or report more successful by planning a launch campaign that includes social media. This example shows how BizMSolutions used a comprehensive strategy for launching their white paper "Hiring Out Social Media Tasks: How to Get Help Without Losing Control"

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Launching a white paper with social media

  1. 1. WhitePaperResults.com2010Launching a White Paper A case study in how to get better conversion and more visibility using a social media planApryl Parcher<br />Launching a White Paper with Social Media<br />A white paper shouldn’t be a “one and done” project. You can extend the life of your white paper and give it a much wider distribution by planning a launch campaign using social media, your blog, and article syndication. <br />STRATEGY:<br />After the white paper is written, create a landing page for it on your server, plan a teleseminar on your topic (to be completed after the WP launch), and break the main white paper topics into a series of articles for later use. Use blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to create buzz about the white paper and subsequent teleseminar. Once the launch is completed, use the articles created from the white paper for blog posts and to submit to article syndication sites over the next several months. <br />TACTICS and TIMELINE:<br />One Month Prior to Official White Paper Release:<br /><ul><li>Create a landing page on web server (Include a “teaser” portion of the paper, sign-up form, FB comment box and RT button)
  2. 2. Create a blurb and sign-up form for the home page (keep private until launch)
  3. 3. Blog post and articles (to release just prior to launch date) mentioning white paper and teleseminar
  4. 4. Create opt-in list for advance registration, and write a series of autoresponders & thank-you page
  5. 5. Add a custom tab to FB page, and sign-up form
  6. 6. Add graphic to Twitter & YouTube backgrounds
  7. 7. Adjust Welcome Tab to mention white paper and teleseminar
  8. 8. Add a tweet box to website
  9. 9. Send out emails to registrants—have them ask questions on the FB page to be used to promote the WP
  10. 10. Create a survey
  11. 11. Create slideshare presentation for LinkedIn
  12. 12. Create Events for FB and LI
  13. 13. Develop “offer” package for teleseminar with bonus material</li></ul>Month of Launch:<br /><ul><li>Release white paper early in the month
  14. 14. Make all private landing pages for the report public on website and FB
  15. 15. Begin promoting teleseminar
  16. 16. FB ad
  17. 17. 3 Blog posts (scheduled at intervals prior to teleseminar)
  18. 18. 3 Narrated YouTube videos (scheduled at intervals prior to teleseminar)
  19. 19. Conduct teleseminar
  20. 20. Post to TW FB and LI on day of teleseminar
  21. 21. Encourage attendees to post questions on FB page, and let them know that every time they tweet with hashtag, they’ll end up on the website in a social plugin box
  22. 22. Months after launch:
  23. 23. Release several blog posts/articles created from white paper
  24. 24. Announce an alliance with a charity (portion of all sales for month donated)
  25. 25. Use one or more of the WP graphics for blog posts with a few bullets
  26. 26. Use some sidebar content for articles/blog posts
  27. 27. Use some of the 3rd party papers from the white paper to: Pull Statistics, Add My Expertise, Case Study—link to white paper
  28. 28. Use any of above to create YouTube videos as short articles (use on blog. FB, and/or slideshare)</li></ul>Sample Result Graphs from BizMSolutions<br />CONCLUSION:<br />The SEO value of launching a white paper via social channels is very high. Even though it’s still early after her launch process, Janice is receiving a substantial amount of unique website visitors, recurring visits and mailing list sign-ups. Her comprehensive, detailed plan is continuing to pay off in traffic, visibility and new business. <br />Congratulations, Janice Clark!<br />