HOW PUBLIC RELATIONS CAN ADD VALUE TO YOUR    BUSINESS IN A DOWN ECONOMYThere are few things that business                ...
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PR In A Down Economy


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Why PR is Always Important - Especially in a Depressed Economy

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PR In A Down Economy

  1. 1. HOW PUBLIC RELATIONS CAN ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS IN A DOWN ECONOMYThere are few things that business opportunities and even promo- Business owners will furtherowners feel their company can do tional events and campaigns. benefit from PR practitioners’without: management, accounting, • There’s a reason ’tradition’ has existing relationships withhuman resources. The first department become tradition: it works. This media, government, specialmost often downsized in a softening means that traditional media interest groups or other influ-economy is the marketing department (ie: newspapers, magazines) ential sources.with the company opting to skate on remain tried and true, cost- • PR practitioners are re-current or previous marketing cam- nowned for their creativepaigns until things pick up. approach. They can also lev- erage your company’s inter-While it is true that it’s difficult to op- nal creativity into somethingerate a company without management tangible with their experi-and accountants, it is likewise fool- enced project ’tweaking’.hardy to think that you do not need to • PR activities are measurable,consistently communicate with your effective methods to keep in contrary to popular audiences—your buyers. touch with your target clientele. Media Relations Points News releases, op-ed pieces, (MPR) and media monitoringPublic relations involve on-going activi- and bylined articles are some of software are two popularties to ensure that a company main- the PR tools that can be em- options.tains a strong and positive image. PR is ployed to get your company in • Perhaps the greatest valuedesigned with target publics in mind, the news. public relations can offer ishelping them understand the com- • Public relations efforts can that PR campaigns can bepany, services and products. quickly seize upon an opportu- developed and used over the nity—crucial in a competitive long-term or be imple- business environment. News mented on and off at key releases can be drafted within times. hours and podcasts can be pro- duced practically overnight. By strategically using public rela- • PR can build mass media and/or tions methods and tools you canWhile the ideal situation is to integrate marketing campaigns that per- continue to deliver your key mes-advertising (marketing) and public rela- meate multiple channels in this sages to your target audiences eventions strategies, public relations alone age of digital media prolifera- when your budget is restricted.can bring great value to the table: tion simultaneously ensuring the information presented to• In an uncertain economy con- consumers is transparent, Alba Public Relations sumers’ reluctance to purchase timely and informative. P.O. Box 1983 products and services means Huntingdon, Quebec • You can still save money as you J0S 1H0 your company will benefit from look to cut corners: hire a PR providing more in-depth infor- freelancer! Experienced copy- mation by using media rela- Phone: 450.370.8357 writers, designers or consult- Fax: 450.264.8284 tions, articles, social media ants can be outsourced. E-mail: © 2009—Alba Public Relations