Keys To Success


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Keys To Success

  1. 1. KEYS TO SUCCESS It seems too good to be true: that something as simple as initiating a basic communications plan can helpyour business or organization grow. But honest, open and timely communications can create just the ‘face’ youwant on your business. And if it doesn’t yet have a face, well it’s a good way to get yourself known!We like to remind people of the American Airlines story: by removing just one olive from every on-flight meal,they were able to save millions of dollars. It’s the small things that often make the biggest difference, creating thebase from which all other elements can take off from. A strategic communications plan doesn’t have to be a 100 page book. It does, however, need to clearlyelaborate on the following: a situation analysis, a problem statement, a communication audit, objectives andgoals, target audiences (sometimes there are secondary and tertiary audiences to consider as well), key mes-sages, an action plan including a timeline and budget, and an evaluation. A plan will make your communicationefforts more efficient, effective, and lasting. It focuses on following the steps needed to achieve your ultimategoal. Communications enable ideas and information to be transmitted throughout the community. Consideringwhich communications tools to use and how best to get your messages out there should be part of your plan. Forexample, holding a press conference when a news release would do or holding a launch party if there’s reallynothing to launch wouldn’t make much sense. How will people know you exist? Generate tools and materials that will attract positive media attention toyour business. The key words to remember are ‘public relations’. You want to create, generate and sustain posi-tive relations with your publics. The best plan is to plan. Enlisting the help of a public relations consult-ant will help you streamline the whole communications planning process sav- Alba Public Relations P.O. Box 1983ing you both time and money in the end. A PR consultant will know who to Huntingdon, Quebec J0S 1H0speak to and when and which tools will be appropriate and why. They arepracticed at creating news releases, communications plans and managing Phone: 450.370.8357events among many other things. Their success hinges on the success they Fax: 450.264.8284bring to your business! E-mail: © 2009—Alba Public Relations