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How We Work


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An overview of how we roll.

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How We Work

  1. 1. THIS IS HOW WE ROLL• Conduct a meeting for something hands-on • Adjust any elements of (preferably in person if or more traditional? the action plan as the at all possible) with key project moves forward, if project decision-makers • Based on whether this is necessary ie: if other and players to discuss a new or recurring pro- avenues open up, goals the scope, goals, and and objectives change, objectives of the project client desires to go in as well the all-important another direction, etc. personal thoughts on how they’d like to see • Get to work! their project come to- gether, background, ject, we like to conduct At all times, Alba Public where things went a Communications Relations conducts themselves wrong the last time (if Audit to see which, if in a transparent manner and applicable), and their any, materials are being encourages constant client creative ideas and dead- used and which, if any, feedback. While it is essentially lines. are doing the job or the client’s project, Alba makes need tweaking. sure to discuss the benefits and• Next, Alba likes to go pitfalls of all avenues, tools and back to the office and • A preliminary list of ideas, vehicles explored with the client brainstorm! Creative, approaches, and tools is before taking any action. original and experiential put together for the ideas are encouraged, client to review. Based Alba Public Relations conducts but of course the rule of on their feedback we themselves according to the thumb is to attune to then… Canadian Public Relations the client’s ‘vibes’: are Society’s Code of Ethics. they conservative? Are • Create a strategic action they looking to go in a plan (including a SWOT totally different direc- analysis), deliverables tion? Are they looking and timeline. • Present the action plan to the client for review and P.O. Box 1983 feedback. Huntingdon, Quebec J0S 1H0 Phone: (450) 264-5921 Fax: (450) 264-8284 E-mail: