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1 inglés-elemental- inflections-granollers


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1 inglés-elemental- inflections-granollers

  1. 1. www.aprendamosfacil.comClases privadasClases en gruposBarcelona, Granollers
  2. 2. Hi, I ‘m your Personal English Coachin Granollers, Barcelona LET’S BEGIN
  3. 3. “Learning Tip “!Learning Tip - you may benefit from taking part in traditional English lessons, but maybe private lessons would be better.!Learning Tip - you may benefit from listening to the radio or listening to text as you read it. You could try reading text aloud and using a tape recorder to play it back to yourself.!Learning Tip - you may benefit from taking an active part in role plays or drama activities.
  4. 4. READING: “ OUR NEW ENGLISH BOOK “ This is my new English book. I have a new English Book. Look at my book. Look at it. Have you a new English book?.In my class all the pupils have a new English book. We have a new English book. We are learning English. I can read in English. I can speak. I like English. All the pupils like English.Robert has a book. Mary has a one also. Look at Robert and Mary. They are reading. Robert and Mary are brother and sister. They go to school. Robert is in a school for boys. Mary is in a school for girls.They are studying English at school. They have an English teacher. They are good pupils.
  6. 6. So: “VERB INFLECTIONS “• The verbs have inflection to show the gender and the number. In all the persons will be the same, except in the 3º person singular that we must add , “S “, OR “ ES “• e.g , CONJUGATION : to speak• in all the persons• I / YOU / WE / THEY SPEAK• In 3º person singular• SHE / HE / IT SPEAKS SHE / HE / IT COMES
  7. 7. Verbs ending in y• Some verbs change their spelling when s is added in the third person singular.• When a verb ends in y immediately preceded by a consonant, the y is changed to ie before the ending s is added. In each of the following examples, the consonant immediately preceding the final y is underlined.• Bare Infinitive Third Person Singular• Study studies• Fly flies• Carry carries
  8. 8. TONGUE TWISTER-A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies_____________________________-I saw a saw that could out saw any other saw I ever saw.
  9. 9. PRONUNCIATION• The sound “ U “ has the long sound “ oo “ , and “ iu “ in the following words. Notice that the “ U “ is preceded by “ r / l / j / ch.• Rude fruit truth blue rural flute• Rumor true ruin glue brutal jurist• Cruel truly frugal rule plural chute
  10. 10. Now, we’re up . Thanks for listening• I’m your Personal English Coach in Granollers, Barcelona.You can follow me on :www.aprendamosfacil.comSee ya.
  11. 11. www.aprendamosfacil.comClases privadasClases en gruposBarcelona, Granollers