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  2. 2. 1. Complete and connect.
  3. 3. ANSWER
  4. 4. Salaam Bombay; the five nominees for the Best Foreign Film at the 61st Academy Awards in 1988.
  5. 5. 2. X, born in 1940, has made over 40 films, including shorts and documentaries. X’s first film was The Bread and Alley, released in 1970, which talks of a young boy with a loaf of bread who encounters a hungry dog. X is known for his stories in rural villages, and, most notably, conversations that take place inside cars. X has often been compared to Ray, Rohmer and Tati, among
  6. 6. ANSWER
  7. 7. Abbas Kiarostami.
  8. 8. 3. Minimalist poster for?
  9. 9. ANSWER
  10. 10. Shaun of the Dead.
  11. 11. 4. In a letter to the author, Barack Obama described X, a novel, as, “an elegant proof of God, and the power of storytelling”. X was published by Knopf Canada, after numerous rejections by London publishers. X is set in 1977. Self(1996) and Beatrice and Virgil(2004) are other novels by X’s author. Id X.
  12. 12. ANSWER
  13. 13. Life of Pi.
  14. 14. 5. X’s (a 1957 movie) title translates idiomatically to an underrated gem of a place ,often with personal or sentimental value. Apparently, X was drawn up on a drive from to Dalarna. The director spoke thus of the movie, “So it struck me — what if you could make a film about this; that you just walk up in a realistic way and open a door, and then you walk into your childhood, and then you open another door and come back to reality, and then you make a turn around a street corner and arrive in some other period of your existence, and everything goes on, lives. That was actually the idea behind X.” X won the Golden Bear. X influenced Woody Allen’s 1988 movie Another Woman. X was also very highly rated by Kubrick. Id X.
  15. 15. ANSWER
  16. 16. Wild Strawberries.
  17. 17. 6. The X test is a test to gauge whether a computer-based synthesized voice can tell a joke with sufficient skill to cause people to laugh. It was proposed by X at the 2011 TED conference as a challenge to software developers . X famously lost his voice after surgery to treat cancer. The test is similar to the Turing test proposed by Alan Turing in the 1950s. X employed employed a Scottish company called CereProc to develop this voice, and it was used by X for the first time on March 2nd, 2010. Id X.
  18. 18. ANSWER
  19. 19. Roger Ebert.
  20. 20. 7. Minimalist poster for?
  21. 21. ANSWER
  22. 22. Jalsaghar.
  23. 23. 8. X’s first movie was Crocodile, released in 1996, which got sensational reviews in his home country. In 2004, X won two best director awards at two different major film festivals, for two major films. X’s work has been in the news recently. A major 2000 film by him was banned in the United Kingdom for issues of animal cruelty. Many of X’s assistants have later on made movies from scripts by X. Id X, who studied in Paris from 1990 to 1993.
  24. 24. ANSWER
  25. 25. Kim Ki-Duk.
  26. 26. 9. X, made in 1983, was a remake of an 1958 movie of the same name. Set in a small village in the 19th century, X details the practice of Ubasute, the custom of a person going to a remote place and dying of starvation, upon turning 70. Keisuke Kineshota had directed the first movie. The director of X, went on to win a shared Palme D’Or in the next decade as well, as X won the Palme D’Or outright. Id X.
  27. 27. ANSWER
  28. 28. The Ballad of Narayama.
  29. 29. 10. X is the final installment in a multi-platform art project called Primitive, dealing with the Isan region. The director had said that a man named Y had approached a Buddhist monk with the story of his remembrances, and the latter was so impressed that he came out with a book about this in 1983. In an interview, the director had stated, “When you make a film about recollection and death, you realise that cinema is also facing death. X is one of the last pictures shot on film - now everybody shoots digital. It's my own little lamentation.” Id X.
  30. 30. ANSWER
  31. 31. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
  32. 32. 11. Which phrase in relation to cinema appeared during the epics made from the 1930s to the 1960s, when such movies used numerous extras for crowd and battle scenes?
  33. 33. ANSWER
  34. 34. Cast of thousands.
  35. 35. 12. X is spoken twice during the movie, once in the middle, and then the movie’s last line. X proved to be very popular. John Lennon offered a contrary version to X. Lisa Simpson, while watching the movie in a season 15 episode, says in reply to the line, “No, it doesn’t!” X has been parodied and disparaged due to what it professes multiple times. X was voted #13 on AFI’s “100 Years, 100 Quotes” list. Id X.
  36. 36. Love means never having to say you're sorry.