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Move Enterprise Applications WS2003 to WS2008 (6.19.2012)


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Appzero at a glance
On boarding existing apps
Market context
Migration options
New in AppZero 5.2
Feature focus: moving apps to latest OS
Summary and Q&A

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Move Enterprise Applications WS2003 to WS2008 (6.19.2012)

  1. 1. Liberate your applications Giovanni Boschi – CTO Mark Woodward – Director, Engineering Move Enterprise Apps from Windows 2003 to 2008
  2. 2. Agenda • Appzero at a glance • On boarding existing apps – Market context – Migration options • New in AppZero 5.2 • Feature focus: moving apps to latest OS – Demo • Summary and Q&A
  3. 3. Enterprise application movement AppZero does for apps what VMs do for machines Extract Provision VAA AppZero extracts existing enterprise applications packaging them into Virtual Application Appliance (VAA) that can be provisioned and run natively on any OS, machine or cloud fast. Source Machine Target Machine
  4. 4. AppZero lets you move applications to newer versions of the operating system faster Application portability and “up level OS” versions
  5. 5. AppZero lets you move them between physical and virtual environments without lock in faster Application portability across physical and virtual
  6. 6. AppZero lets you move them from any datacenter to any cloud faster Application portability across data centers and clouds
  7. 7. AppZero Supports Key IT Initiatives • Data Center Consolidation / Relocation – Public cloud onboarding / migration – M&A integration, ITSO, power & cost optimization • Data Center Transformation – Infrastructure normalization & upgrade – Private cloud / converged infra migration • Workload Consolidation – LOB cost consolidation, reorganization AppZero Confidential – Restricted Use
  8. 8. On boarding Enterprise Server Apps • Public cloud adoption is mostly: • New or “Greenfield” apps • Dev/test environments • Linux • Private cloud adoption is mostly: • Existing apps • LOB production apps • Windows: 70-75% of the servers • 10,000 to 1 Existing apps out number cloud apps • Migrating existing apps is a barrier to adoption of cloud • Migration is expensive • Managed providers have special needs Migrating existing application
  9. 9. Today’s migration tool options • Manual installation/scripting – Often the only way to get application onto a hosted service (until now) – Very labor intensive, expensive, and takes a long time per application • Virtual Machines (P2V or V2V) – Cloud and server support limitations – OS /hypervisor conflict – Size of VM is a challenge – 10 to 100 times larger than the app – Everything gets moved, OS, security, back-up, monitoring, etc – Non starter if the cloud is managed • Apps already automated maybe need little work – IWD, Chef, Puppet, Bladelogic, HP SA (Opsware), SAP – Investment in building scripts is labor intensive and brittle • Appzero’s zapp extraction, transformation and rehosting – Fastest way to move enterprise applications (minutes vs. days) – De-risk migrating production application to the cloud
  10. 10. Appzero 5.2 “Cover Squirrel” • Uplevel OS Migration • Support for IIS applications • Dissolve-Time Reconfiguration • Automate User/Group Migration • Optimize Tether Extraction
  11. 11. Key Drivers • Clouds pull customers toward latest OS – OS upgrade adds value to infrastructure refresh – Looming EOL for Windows Server 2003 – Cloud providers prefer to steer customers to latest Windows • Customer demand for moving IIS workloads – MSFT tools are complicated and developer-oriented – Enabler for migration to Azure Web Role instances – IIS deeply tied to OS, required special handling in appzero
  12. 12. Support for Moving IIS Applications • Move Windows IIS applications (VB, ASP.NET, …) – Moves only the application artifacts – Supports IIS 6.0, 7.0 and 7.5 applications – Only same-version move supported for now (e.g. 7.0 to 7.0) zapp zapp
  13. 13. Move apps to newer versions of windows • Enable moving apps to later Windows versions – From Windows 2000, 2003, 2003 R2, 2008 – To Windows 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2 – Directly (e.g. 2000 to 2008 R2) • Reorganizes application assets to match new OS – “side-by-side” components, user folders, environment variables, … • Limitations – Application must be API-compatible with new Windows version • Quick Demo Next… Source Server zapp Source Server zapp
  14. 14. Existing Application MS SQL Server Application App Stack Moving existing application with zapp migration Application extracted on demand from source (cloud) to target (cloud) Source Server Target Server
  15. 15. Zapp Migration Model • Extract existing application from one environment and migrate it to another • The setup: – Source machine (e.g. datacenter): • No software/tools added • Access via network share – Target machine (e.g. cloud) • AppZero installed • Tether to source machine • Start the application services • Application is “paged” from source to target – files, registry, configuration, data, environment • Result: – Application is migrated to the target cloud instance
  16. 16. Demo AppZero Confidential – Restricted Use
  17. 17. ConfigRegistry Files Services Dissolve – application is to be installed Wordpress.vaa Dissolve VAA into operating system Content of VAA is installed
  18. 18. zapp migration • Example: SQL Server 2000 moved and running on a new, clean Windows 2008 R2 in a few minutes. – ~1,000 app artifacts identified automatically – ~200MB in size • zapp migration is systematic, generalized approach – Works with any app and app stack – Database, Web and App Servers, Packaged Apps, Legacy Apps • Motion thumbnail (D2C2C2D): – Data center to Cloud / Cloud to Cloud / Cloud to Data center – Any to Any
  19. 19. Summary The only cloud-independent application extraction, transformation, and delivery offering in the market • The fastest way to move from any machine to any cloud • Reduce risk of migrating your apps • Windows is the biggest challenge – 70+% of machines in the enterprise are Windows based – Windows apps are harder to move than Linux apps • MSP friendly – Leave the mess behind Liberate you applications and enable your business to really leverage the cloud
  20. 20. Find Out More • Try out AppZero 5.2 – Email – Web • Technical & Roadmap Questions – Giovanni: – Mark: