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Appy hotel Presentation for HSMAI Bangkok


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Appy Hotel present the benefits of mobile apps and mobile technology in hotel digital marketing at HSMAI Bangkok.

Published in: Marketing
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Appy hotel Presentation for HSMAI Bangkok

  1. 1. Guest Touch Points in the Digital Age
  2. 2. Traditionally we think of the buying process like this:
  3. 3. But Travel in the Digital Age rarely has a single linear path from Awareness to Purchase
  4. 4. All these sites are Information sources. Many have Evaluation of Alternatives as a UVP!
  5. 5. For the large part OTAs and brand websites are still where Purchases happen
  6. 6. Increasingly this is happening “On The Go”
  7. 7. Hotels are magnificent beasts that reign supreme at the top of the tourism food-chain
  8. 8. Google search trends reveal how interest in brands has shifted since 2004
  9. 9. ...And what happened with the advent of OTAs about about 8 years ago
  10. 10. OTAs took ownership of bookings from hotels in the time it takes to launch a single property
  11. 11. We’re witnessing the extinction of Direct Booking
  12. 12. What’s Next ???
  13. 13. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of INSANITY Albert Einstein
  14. 14. RevPAR in a post OTA world
  15. 15. The signs of change are indeed everywhere
  16. 16. If billboards are your idea of effective advertising you’re looking in the wrong place...
  17. 17. As of Dec 2013 US web engagement is mobile 1st
  18. 18. Travel content is consumed on Mobile about 1/3 of the time - regardless of age
  19. 19. Can you afford to miss the train?
  20. 20. These folks are researching a vacation. Can they book your hotel?
  21. 21. Maximum Visibility = Maximum Opportunity To win direct bookings you MUST maintain an effective presence EVERYWHERE and ESPECIALLY ON MOBILE
  22. 22. RevPOR is imperative
  23. 23. Hotels must offset margins lost to OTAs and basic marketing wisdom teaches that it’s far easier to create revenue from existing clients than from new ones
  24. 24. And yet when we look at how hotels advertise upsell of F&B and services to staying guests. Fancy fliers are pretty much the norm. PRINT? REALLY?!?
  25. 25. Guests in 4-5 stars have smartphones. Wouldn’t you rather be in their pocket than on the bedside table?
  26. 26. Loyalty apps go beyond simply enhancing the brand. They create a real opportunity to boost RevPOR
  27. 27. Loyalty apps provide opportunities for consumer insights and service levels that were simply unavailable before. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF HOSPITALITY
  28. 28. Can you afford to ignore it?
  29. 29. THANKS! JP Dumas