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Yagna dhruva quiz


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yagna dhruva 2016 Quiz

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Yagna dhruva quiz

  3. 3. 1.What was the name of his company? • A Hungarian immigrant, Wilhelm Fried Fuchs settled in New York in the late 19th century. A combination of the stock market crash, a car accident injury, and government antitrust action forced him into a protracted seven-year struggle of the company he formed. He also attempted to bribe the judge and got thrown in jail . • He finally gave up and retired from his business in 1936. No Hollywood producers came for his funeral.
  4. 4. And the answer is
  5. 5. 2. Identify their second channel • Their second youtube channel contains just 3 videos and the about page says – • “This is _______ main youtube channel ka garib chota bhai. Because every Salman needs a Sohail.” • The garib chota bhai has more than 1.2 million hits though.
  6. 6. And the answer is
  7. 7. 3.Why is it famous? • Théâtre de Liège is a theatre in liege, Belgium. • In July 2015 , a local designer who designed the logo for this theater sued someone for allegedly plagiarizing his logo. Whom did he sue? • Image follows
  8. 8. And the answer is
  9. 9. Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  10. 10. 4. What does this denote? • Since this system of correction was implemented in 1972, 26 ________have been inserted, the most recent on June 30, 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC. • Without such a correction, time reckoned by Earth's rotation drifts away from atomic time because of irregularities in the Earth's rate of rotation. • Image follows.
  11. 11. 4. What does this denote?
  12. 12. And the answer is
  13. 13. Leap second
  14. 14. 5. Commemoration of what?
  15. 15. And the answer is
  16. 16. The original selma walk of 1965
  17. 17. 6. Why did it bomb? • United Passions is a 2014 English-language French drama film starring Tim Roth, Gérard Depardieu, and Sam Neill, and is directed by Frédéric Auburtin. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on 18 May 2014. • The film was released in North America on 5 June 2015, grossing a mere $918 in its opening weekend. • FIFA provided £16m of the film's £19m budget. • Who does Tim Roth play in the film?
  18. 18. And the answer is
  19. 19. The creation of FIFA. One week after the film released, top FIFA officials were arrested.
  20. 20. 7. Find the missing film • The films listed below have been cited by a variety of notable critics in varying media sources as being among the worst films ever made. • 1979 - Caligula • 1997 – Batman & Robin • 2004- Catwoman • 2007 - ????? • 2008 – Disaster movie • 2014 – Humshakals
  21. 21. And the answer is
  22. 22. 8.According to Internet memes, ______are like Jesus. They are the real icons of saving. What are we talking about?
  23. 23. And the answer is
  24. 24. The Floppy disk
  25. 25. 9.
  26. 26. And the answer is
  27. 27. Vittal Mallya Road
  28. 28. 10. What epic moment is this?
  29. 29. And the answer is
  30. 30. What is the score???
  31. 31. First ever accident of a driverless car.
  32. 32. 11.Fill in the blanks. • In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones is a 1989 Indian TV film with screenplay byArundhati Roy (who also acts in the film), direction by Pradip Krishen, and starring Arjun Raina as the title character, along with Roshan Seth and _________. This film was the recipient of two National Awards in 1989.
  33. 33. And the answer is
  34. 34. This guy!!!
  35. 35. 12. On 21st May 2010, as a homage to the 30th anniversary of X, google featured a doodle. Though wildly popular, it is estimated to have cost the world economy 120 million$. Id X/Doodle?
  36. 36. And the answer is
  37. 37. Google introduced a playable Pacman Doodle which was estimated to have taken up 4,819,352 hours of employee time, costing the economy an estimated $120,483,800.
  38. 38. 13. X was ranked No1 in the Forbes Fictional 15- a listing of the richest Fictional characters. X’s net worth was estimated to be “ infinite”. But after receiving countless letters protesting his selection, he was dropped from the list since 2006. Id X?
  39. 39. And the answer is
  40. 40. Forbes had to drop Santa Claus after getting bombarded by letters from outraged children insisting that he is real and not a fictional Character.
  41. 41. 14.LifeSpring Hospitals, is an Indian hospital chain, which provides low cost maternity care to women from the low-income group in Hyderabad. It was established in 2005 as a 50-50 joint venture between Acumen Fund, a U.S.-based nonprofit global venture philanthropy fund and an Indian Public sector Company (X). It currently operates 12 hospitals in Hyderabad and plans to expand to 100 hospitals across India in the next 5 years. Id the Indian Company (X) ?
  42. 42. And the answer is
  43. 43. HLL- Headquartered in your neighborhood .
  44. 44. 15. These guys are famous in silicon Valley as the ?
  45. 45. And the answer is
  46. 46. • PayPal Mafia: PayPal Mafia" is a term used to indicate a group of former PayPal employees and founders who have went on to start wildly successful ventures. The name became famous after this photoshoot for the Fortune Magazine , in which they dressed up as members of the Mafia. • Back row from left: Jawed Karim, co-founder Youtube; Jeremy Stoppelman CEO Yelp; Andrew McCormack, managing partner Laiola Restaurant; Premal Shah, Pres of Kiva; 2nd row from left: Luke Nosek, managing partner The Founders Fund; Kenny Howery, managing partner The Founders Fund; David Sacks, CEO Geni and Room 9 Entertainment; Peter Thiel, CEO Clarium Capital and Founders Fund; Keith Rabois, VP BIz Dev at Slide and original Youtube Investor; Reid Hoffman, Founder Linkedin; Max Levchin, CEO Slide; Roelof Botha, partner Sequoia Capital; Russel Simmons, CTO and co-founder of Yelp • Missing from the pic is Elon Musk , founder of Tesla and Space X
  47. 47. 16.This is the Golden Disc carried by the Voyager, the 1st spacecraft to cross into the interstellar space. Id the funda behind this image etched on the record
  48. 48. And the answer is
  49. 49. • It is a “we are here” map , which shows the location of our solar system with respect to 14 Pulsars. The binary code defines the frequency of the pulses. • There were concerns that this information shouldn’t be included , as it may jeopardize our safety.
  50. 50. 17. The Wikipedia logo which was changed in 2010 met with protests for dropping the character from a unique language , from its logo. Id this language?
  51. 51. And the answer is
  52. 52. Klingon !!
  53. 53. 18. Connect
  54. 54. And the answer is
  55. 55. Micromax • On the left is “Micromax” a mutant superhero in the Marvel Comic World with the power to increase, decrease or redistribute his body mass, allowing for dramatic size change. • Asin is married to Rahul Sharma- the Co- founder of Micromax Mobiles.
  56. 56. 19.He was the the founder and chairman of Internet Users Community of India (IUCI) ,played a major role in setting up internet organisations like the Ethical Hackers Association and was also one of the first in the country to operate a website at The once-compulsive smoker said famously on a video podcast that “the mouse took my cigarette away”. Id this Multifaceted Personality?
  57. 57. And the answer is
  58. 58. Shammi Kapoor
  59. 59. 20. A collaboration of walt disney and whom?
  60. 60. Salvador Dali