What is the lifeblood of money crashers


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What is the lifeblood of money crashers

  1. 1. What is the Lifeblood of Money Crashers?Business SummaryMoney Crashers is an online personal finance site, devoted to helping people make smartermoney decisions in their everyday lives. They provide valuable and relevant information on avariety of topics ranging from ways to save money in your everyday life, retirement, andinvestments. Their diverse topics range from how to make your home more energy efficientto extreme couponing to the best cash back credit cards.©2012 Trusted Business.com. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Why is Trust important for Money Crashers?Customer trust is the lifeblood of the business. Competition in the industry is high, and there aremany other places readers can go for personal finance education. By building a reputation that isbased on trust and credibility, they have been able to sustain solid readership growth for severalyears now.How they gain Customer TrustFor an online business, it’s not easy gaining trust from people, but Money Crashers has foundthat building customer and client trust through the reputation of their site is the best way. Qualitycontent is always their number one priority, and they know that readers can see right through anyattempts at trying to provide a shoddy service. In addition, it’s best when they try to trulyconnect with their readers and answer any questions. Readers get a personal response back fromMoney Crashers as well as maybe seeing a written article based off the question that people haveasked. They do a good job to actively engage their readers to participate in discussion-basedarticles.Does that Really work?Responding to peoples personal questions can definitely build the trust in customers. People postreal-life questions about their personal financial difficulties which get answered by the authors.Money Crashers has been able to help many people overcome their obstacles and improve theirdaily finances. By being able to showcase examples like these to other readers, they canimmediately prove themselves as a trustworthy and valuable source. Also, the fact that thousandsof readers have chosen to subscribe to their daily content is a big reflection of the value they seein Money Crashers.©2012 Trusted Business.com. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Other ways to Gain TrustCommunication with the audience is imperative. When writing articles, they write in a way thatis easy to read and comprehend while still respecting the intelligence of their readers. It’simportant for them to focus on the brevity but also try to maintain comprehensiveness. Theyknow their readers live very busy lives, and need answers to their questions or advice onpersonal finances in a short and concise fashion. It’s obvious that if their posts were filled withfluff, their readers would be tempted to skip their content and go elsewhere.An important thing Money Crashers keeps in mind is making sure to never speak “above” theirreaders. It can be found on competing articles that authors assume the readers are experts on thetopic and go right into the finer aspects of the said topic. When Money Crashers speaks, theymake sure to define and explain the idea before moving into its more detailed points.Instead of paying for expensive forms of advertising, they have decided to recently use freeforms of advertising that they felt would be more effective. Readers can differentiate betweengenuine ads and ones that are purely funded by money. Thus, we recently began to utilizesome tips to use a Facebook page for business marketing, which has allowed them to onlyshowcase our content and service to those readers who are interested in financial education. The©2012 Trusted Business.com. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. result has been a significant increase in readers, and a reduction in unpleasant people bombardedby unnecessary advertisements!Showcasing Their TrustMoney Crashers showcases their trust with a little section called “Featured In.” They find thatforcing their readers into trusting their site can be a turnoff, thus, they hope their content canspeak for itself.The Future for Money CrashersOther ways to cater to their readers would be through potentially trying out podcasting andvideo. Some readers have already shown interest in these areas, so it’s their job to accommodatethose people and provide and an alternative way to take in financial education.You can find Money Crashers at http://www.moneycrashers.com/©2012 Trusted Business.com. All Rights Reserved.