How to Increase Your Odds for Implementing Your Strategic Plan


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Webinar brought to you by 60 Minute Strategic Plan ( and Trusted Business ( Anne Marie covers the 8 steps to implementing a plan.

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How to Increase Your Odds for Implementing Your Strategic Plan

  1. 1. How to Increase YourOdds for Implementing g Your Strategic Plan
  2. 2. 60 Minute Strategic Plan g Simple Flexible Can be C b applied t any i li d to issue llarge or small ll It’s a proven process that’s been used with much success by over 10,000 businesses since 1997
  3. 3. Earn Showcase Trust using T t dB i is a totally FREE service to help y y p you earn and showcase trust. Five easy steps: 1. Signup at 2. Create your business page 3. Promote among your customers/network to get endorsements 3 P t t / t kt t d t 4. Gain shields and badges to showcase trust 5. 5 Earn great perks from partners  Create your page today to claim your URL. There is no downside. You will get many benefits including SEO, if you have a page that is endorsed by many social identities.
  4. 4. Implementation Reality p y DOA Most strategic plans never gets implemented Fortune magazine – 70% of CEOs fail because th i strategy was executed b their t t t d poorly or not at all
  5. 5. #1: Operational Necessities p Tactics trump strategy Daily crises/unplanned events Strategy d l with th f t St t deals ith the future Plans must be woven into the fabric of your operations
  6. 6. #2 Leadership p Every strategic plan must have a leader devoted to seeing the plan implemented Don’t expect “because it has been planned Don t because it shall be done” It is up to you to the author and leader of i t t th th dl d f the plan to see the vision achieved Leadership/Strategic Plan = Inseparable
  7. 7. #3 Lack of Buy-in y Implementers must be involved in the planning process Input gathered through surveys and sub sub- committeesIInvolvement = Understanding = B i l t U d t di Buy-in Buy-in = Commitment, ownership, and accountability
  8. 8. #4: Lack of Ownership/Accountability Assign champions or owners P f bl the champion i not th l d Preferably th h i is t the leader of the leader of the entire project The leader’s job is to oversee the implementation process and ensure the vision is achieved
  9. 9. #5: Little or No Follow Up p Keeps the profile high on a strategic project Every month hold a strategic plan month, implementation meeting to review each initiative s initiative’s status Never give up on due dates
  10. 10. #6: Lack of Communication Communicate the plan initially and during its execution to keep it visible Methods: • Face-to-face meetings • A video of th CEO and senior executives id f the d i ti discussing the plan • A Facebook page devoted t the plan and it F b k d t d to th l d its progress • A blog that discusses plan progress
  11. 11. #7: No Tracking or g Monitoring Establish how often you’ll review both before implementation begins p g Set up dates in everyone’s calendars Track key plan indicators and due dates
  12. 12. #8: No Short-term Rewards Marries the short term and the long term Keep the project fresh and employees stimulated Rewards don’t have to be costly • Certificates • Dinner for two • Tickets to a sports event
  13. 13. Wrapping It Up pp g p Always insist and persist that strategic activities are completed “Never give in never give in never give Never in, in, in” B t of luck with your plans Best f l k ith l