Getting an eCommerce Site Running in 30 Minutes


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This presentation was done for Wordcamp Orange County 2012 at Vanguard University.

An introduction to developing an eCommerce website, and the steps that are required to properly plan and execute the project.

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Getting an eCommerce Site Running in 30 Minutes

  1. 1. WordCamp Orange County June 2nd, 2012 1
  2. 2. Who Will Benefit? Small Business Owners WP Newbies Freelancers Graphic Designers SEO Professionals Anyone interested in eCommerce! 2
  3. 3. About the Presenter Product manager at Apptivo Wordpress developer since 2005 Ran a web design & IT services firm Programming for 10 years QA automation engineer for 7 years OC native Terrible with PowerPoint 3
  4. 4. Presentation Breakdown1. The scenario2. Gathering the right information3. Selecting your technology4. Creating a website plan5. Making it happen!!!6. Day-to-day management7. Future expansion plans 4
  5. 5. Yoga, Pilates, and MoreA fitness supplies business who sells primarilyYoga & Pilates equipment. No web presence Small budget 1 week deadline
  6. 6. Project Scope Design, develop, and deploy the website Show general information about the business Allow purchase of product through the website Create a method for users to contact the business
  7. 7. Gather the Right Information Lay down clear goals for the project 1. Sell product! 2. Make business appear more trustworthy 3. Get in touch with more customers Acquire all branding materials  Logo  Company colors Organize product inventory  Name, Description, Photo  Pricing & Shipping Information Website text content
  8. 8. Choose Your Weapons Required Tech  CMS  Payment Gateway  eCommerce Platform  Email Optional Tech  Google Shopping  Shipping Quotes  API/XML Feed  SSL
  9. 9. Take Care of the Basics Domain  Will SEO be important?  How will people be accessing the domain? Hosting  How much traffic is expected?  How many domains are needed?  Wordpress support?
  10. 10. Form the Site Structure Base pages on content that meets your goals Don’t forget pages needed for eCommerce Include pages required for legal protection If a page doesn’t focus on a goal, it doesn’t belong on the site (yet)!
  11. 11. Select a Website DesignCustom Design Wordpress Theme  Expensive 1. Install the theme  Slow 2. …  Headaches 3. Profit
  12. 12. Write the Website Content Page Meta Data  Title, Keywords, Description Page Content  About us page  Contact us page  Thank you message(s)  Blogs Don’t forget…  Bullets are your best friend
  13. 13. Organize Your Attack Plan1. Set up Wordpress2. Install the plugins3. Configure the plugins4. Apply the theme5. Create pages & insert content6. Import the inventory7. QA & Cleanup
  14. 14. Make it Happen Ready, Set, GO! …Rambo
  15. 15. Validating Your WorkDoes the website:  Meet your goals?  Have bugs?  Missing information? Last of all… Does the customer like it?
  16. 16. Todd