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Il talk di Diego Trinciarelli per il TalkLab di Ottobre 2013.

Una introduzione al mondo del fitness per potersi allenare in modo corretto e sicuro, migliorare la propria alimentazione, senza spendere una barca di soldi.

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Fitness for developer

  1. 1. Fitness for Devs an introduction giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  2. 2. Why bother more sleep better health know your body improved reasoning and creativity it is fun and there is a lot to learn building a functional body giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  3. 3. Where Gym Home Outdoor giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  4. 4. Three main components Training Nutrition Rest NO BS! giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  5. 5. Training causes an adaptive response triggers metabolic reactions burns calories giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  6. 6. Training Types aerobic training high intensity training resistance training giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  7. 7. Aerobic Training eg: running good calorie burn can be done often low metabolic impact good for cardiovascular health do not expect big changes can push to eat more giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  8. 8. High Intensity Training jump rope, sprints, circuit training extremely high calorie burn shorter training sessions higher metabolic impact ( ) giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  9. 9. Resistance Training usually weight lifting easily done at home high metabolic response ( done correctly can make the biggest changes requires correct nutrition and rest giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  10. 10. Resistance Training #2 free weights the big 3 1 or 2 main groups a day lift heavy (3x6 rep max) to failure rest 2/3 minutes between sets 3 x 1hr sessions a week be consistent and keep increasing giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  11. 11. Resistance Training #3 same rules for girls (with less weight) muscular increase bound to testosterone no girl will ever get big you will get fit and strong giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  12. 12. Nutrition responsible for 75% of body changes energy raw materials giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  13. 13. Our Problem 50k yrs old body industrial revolution high availability of calories refined sugars giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  14. 14. Some Guidelines low simple and refined sugars, to keep insulin low good amount of proteins few (but good) fats (unsaturated, omega3, omega6) check glycemic index read the labels giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  15. 15. Set a Goal cut cut 25% calories (cut fats and carbs) keep proteins bulk add 25% calories 2g proteins per kg eat most of your carbs after workout giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  16. 16. Track and Measure set your goals (bmr + burnt calories) become aware of what you eat track your food intake *** muscle growth: 2g proteins per kg giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  17. 17. Rest it’s when your body changes usually under-estimated fundamental for tissue repairs and adaptation 4/5 days of rest for muscle group giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  18. 18. A note about ABS no matter how you train no matter how much you run no such a thing like localized training drop under 12% (16%) body fat giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  19. 19. Tools running shoes 100/200 euro cardio monitor 100 euro jump rope 10 euro bench 100 euro dumbbells 100 euro lifting gloves 10 euro giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  20. 20. Tools #2 (exercise tracking) (food tracking) nike running app (pro) BLS ebook ( ( why we get fat ebook ( s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1381745057&sr=1-1&keywords=why+we+get+fat) dukan diet ( text&ie=UTF8&qid=1381745088&sr=1-1&keywords=dukan+diet) giovedì 17 ottobre 13
  21. 21. Conclusion buy just the bare minimum make a plan start lifting and exercising track your exercises track your diet and be conscious learn and have fun giovedì 17 ottobre 13