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Snapette iPhone App Review


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Appsperience, Chillantro's official blog, reviews Snapette: an iPhone app that allows you to discover and share great fashion finds from around the corner and around the world in a fun and social way. It is the new social destination for fashion lovers on the go. Fashion, location,social, and mobile - this is what Snapette is all about. Worth to give it a try!

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Snapette iPhone App Review

  1. 1. Snapette - iPhone App Review Appsperience Blog
  2. 2. Snapette Home Screen – Hot Section • Browsing “hot” or most popular shoes and bags •Like and comment button •Home, Feed, Camera, Featured, and Profile
  3. 3. Snapette Home Screen – Near Section •Items that are near your location • Details about the location of specific item
  4. 4. Snapette Home Screen – New Section •Browsing through the latest items
  5. 5. Snapette Feed Screen •The Feed which shows your friends’ and yours notifications. It is something like FB’s News Feed
  6. 6. Snapette Featured Screen 1 •Stores: Discover the best pieces promoted by exclusive stores in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NYC
  7. 7. Snapette Featured Screen 2 •People: Discover the best pieces promoted by popular relevant bloggers
  8. 8. Snapette Profile Screen This is how a user’s profile looks like •Snapped = gallery of photos you uploaded •Liked = gallery of photos of others that you liked •Commented = gallery of photos you made a comment on •Followers •Following
  9. 9. Snapette Profile Settings
  10. 10. Snapette: Item’s Details 1 •Photo •Brand, Price • Location •Social interaction: like, comment, share on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr
  11. 11. Snapette Item’s Details 2
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