New version of future scheduler v1.5.3 is coming out soon


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Future Scheduler is an app that lets you schedule your basic activities like Call, Texts,emails and even social media updates on future date and time on a rich, interactive interface. Now Forget the word Forgetting”

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New version of future scheduler v1.5.3 is coming out soon

  1. 1. Coming Soon! New Updated Version of Future Scheduler Appsicum Team htttp:// By
  2. 2. WHAT's NEW INSIDE THIS VERSION In New Version of Future Scheduler We have focussed on 3 things primarily which are as follows:- • Some Previous User ReportedSome Previous User Reported Bugs and IssuesBugs and Issues has been fixed in thishas been fixed in this upcoming Version.upcoming Version. • Some NewSome New Features and FunctionsFeatures and Functions have been Added to the App tohave been Added to the App to make the app more functional.make the app more functional. • SomeSome Changes and ImprovementsChanges and Improvements also get done to make things morealso get done to make things more appropriate.appropriate. Lets Discuss Each In Detail!
  3. 3. Fixed Bugs/Issues in This Version Upgrade 1. Bug Regarding Social Media Update In previous version of future scheduler, some of App users complained that the social media post update feature was not working properly so in this version upgrade we have fixed this issues. Now users will be able to schedule and post their social status on their social profiles also.
  4. 4. 2. Balance Recovery Bug Fixed Previously There were some issues with balance recovery in previous versions. This Bug has been also fixed in the upcoming upgrade of this Scheduling app for iphone.
  5. 5. FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS ADDED 1. Maintain the List of Sent and Unsent List of Events Now You can maintain the List of sent and unsent list of events also within this version of future scheduler app. Through this feature it will be easy for you to understand which task has been executed and which is still pending.
  6. 6. 2. Enhancement in Setting Recurring Priorities There has been a custom recurring option added as an enhancement in the new version. Now within this version of App you can select custom start date, end date and also days of weeks for all your tasks like phone call, emails, texts and social media posts.
  7. 7. 3. Compatibility with iPhone 5 and iOs 7 Compatibility to current technological upgrades is quite crucial in the meantime and Thus, We have provided compatibility support for iPhone 5 and iOs 7 within this new version of future scheduler app
  8. 8. 4. Enhancement in Email Attachment Functionality Now with this version of future scheduler app, users can attach image attachments( maximum image limit 5) within their emails. In previous versions of the app users was not able to attach image attachments within their email.
  9. 9. 5. FAQ Added As a new feature FAQ section is added in this new updated version of future scheduler app. Through this feature, it will be more easy and helpful to understand the privacy setting and other stuff for you.
  10. 10. IMPROVEMENTS WITHIN APP 1. Keyboard Layout has been slightly changed and Now it will display same on all screens. 2. Appearance of “Our Other Apps” Section has been changed so it will be much easier for users of future scheduler to know about other apps developed by the Appsicum team.
  11. 11. Interested In Getting Future Scheduler Visit : iTunes App Store Or Visit Us for More Information @
  12. 12. Thanks From Appsicum Team