Future Scheduler App – Now Forget the Word “Forgetting”


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Future Scheduler App lets you schedule your calls, texts, emails, and even social media updates on a future date and time. App is available for iphone, android and blackberry platforms.

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Future Scheduler App – Now Forget the Word “Forgetting”

  1. 1. Future Scheduler – Now Forget the Word “Forgetting” Report Prepared By Appsicum
  2. 2. What is Future Scheduler Actually Future Scheduler is an application developed by Appsicum for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users. Now you can carry your schedule with Future Scheduler App. Now You are looking for what this app has been developed and what it does actually so here it is “ This App Schedules Call, Texts, Emails, and Social Media Updates on any Future date and Time.
  3. 3. What Makes This App So Special ● ● ● ● ● ● Future Scheduler Schedules Activities on Future Date and Time. You can Schedule Your Call, Texts, Emails, and Even Social Media Updates through This. Earlier of Future Scheduler App There were no app giving this functionality to users. App works on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry mobile platforms. App is an Much More Advanced Alternate of Calendars, Organizers and Stick Notes! It's Actually A lot more than Them Now With Future Schedule You Can Schedule Your Activities, “Forget Forgetting”
  4. 4. App Features ● Syncs with device calendar. ● Snooze function for reminders. ● Import contacts from Facebook ● See Log of scheduled activities. ● Use templates for text and email. ● Set Frequency of Recurring events – once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. ● Intuitive and user friendly interface. ● Multiple recipients for text and email. ● Integrates with phone book to let you add recipients conveniently.
  5. 5. App Screenshots
  6. 6. More Screen Shots
  7. 7. What Others Say About This App? There has been Many portals on which app have been reviewed but to select best from the list we would like to draw the attention on app review done by appsrumors.com and you can find the app review Here.
  8. 8. How to Get The App? ● If you are an iPhone User, you can find App in iTunes App Store Here. ● If You are an Android User, you can find this App in Google Play Here. ● If You are an Blackberry User, you can find this app in Blackberry Store Here.
  9. 9. Still! Wants to Know More ?? Still! Want to Know More About The App, Visit Us on Appsicum Page @ http://futurescheduler.appsicum.com/
  10. 10. About Appsicum? Want to Know more about Appsicum and Other App we have developed so far visit us @ http://appsicum.com/