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Mobi dev popes_presentatie


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Mobi dev popes_presentatie

  1. 1. 2mobi Team Dev popesHackathon – Apps For Ghent@b2mobi
  2. 2. concept
  3. 3. Problem Small business can’t compete with Brand chains Small businesses = Poor Mouth to Mouth is their only hope Small crowd with no growth
  4. 4. Solution A platform that lets businesses promote themselves with flash deals launch quests – Gameification Synch publishing with social media A platform that lets users Take advantage of the deals And earn points Checkin at stores and promotions
  5. 5. cases
  6. 6. Case 1 : Company Butcher Store in Wondelgem with some problems Low marketing budget Isolated from center of town Little to no new customers Our solution with our platform Starts promotions Buys promo tokens to rise in the rankings
  7. 7. Case 2 : Consumer You want some cheap fries Check the food promo’s You go there – Geolocation You check in Tile One You gain points in the rankings The promotion gains attention The neighbourhood gains fame You leave with a full stomach Tile Two
  8. 8. future
  9. 9. Future proof elements Quests Gain points and rise through the rankings Ad revenue Sponsored promotions Push Notify you when a great deal near you is going down
  10. 10. tech
  11. 11. Tech Our own Restful API Responsive Twitter Bootstrap + Flat UI Foursquare PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, JSON, jQuery and many more Backoffice – MySQL + PHP
  12. 12. Our API What does it return to you ? Stores Promotions Companies Amount of checkins Leaderboard Data
  13. 13. Datasets Aanplakborden Wijken Our own Datasets Verwennen in Gent Google Places Foursquare ect
  14. 14. dev popes2mobi2e jaars Multimedia Productie studentenArteveldehogeschool @dewulfjens @nicoverbruggen @GJVermeir @maercky