Tourism and Mobile


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Learn about the impact of mobile apps on the hospitality industry to keep your business up to date and capture new mobile customers.

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Tourism and Mobile

  1. 1. TOURISM & M BILE
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. How are small businesses using mobile technology? 3. Mobile apps in the tourism industry: Facts and Figures 4. How can SMEs promote their services with AppsBuilder? 4.1. Offer incentives 4.2. Simplify booking procedures 4.3. Take your customer service mobile 4.4. Get local 4.5. Leverage the power of social media 4.6. Provide additional services Follow us on or visit our official blog
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Being social is absolutely core to human nature. Nowadays social is mobile. Think about the last time you left your house without your keys, wallet and… mobile phone? Yes, mobile is the new hotspot for being social. Not only 50% of all searches is taking place via smartphone1, but mobile apps have also become a powerful customer relationship management tool, being increasingly used by professionals and SMEs to boost client retention and improve the quality of their customer support. While they used to be a simple static window for business owners, apps are nowadays an effective bidirectional means of communications between customers and service providers, with amazing returns in terms of profits and client loyalty. For small business owners, building a strong mobile presence means more visibility among mobile users, additional sales channels and the chance to be easily geolocalized by existing and prospect clients. In other words, giving mobile technologies a miss is putting your business in jeopardy. 1) Start your free 14-day trial Share this e-book
  4. 4. HOW ARE SMALL BUSINESSES USING MOBILE TECHNOLOGY? According to the Federation of Small Business, there are 4.8 million small businesses in the UK as of April 20122 . Small businesses have embraced mobile/social advertising, however, unfortunately, a paltry sum have seen mobile apps as a significant opportunity to break out from the clutter. How are SMEs using mobile technology? How so? One of the most cited reasons is that businesses don’t quite understand how effectively mobile apps could be used to promote their business. Moreover, they find building apps an expensive and timeconsuming process. 2) The World Travel Market (WTM) Industry Report and Global Trends Report Nielsen: Global Consumers’ Trust in ‘Earned’ Advertising Grows in Importance Start your free 14-day trial Share this e-book
  5. 5. Here comes AppsBuilder, the innovative do-it-yourself platform that allows any user with no coding skills to create, manage and distribute their own apps through several promotional channels. As business people ourselves, we know how tough it is to run a business, deal with customers, supervise staff, manage your budget, etc., that is why, when it comes to creating your app, we want to make things as simple as possible. You will not have to worry about hiring technical staff or installing several programs on your computer; AppsBuilder is the only tool that combines 3 main functions in one single platform: Create native apps and mobile sites Promote your services across all mobile devices Engage your audience on the go In this ebook we will show you how to exploit the potential of mobile apps and drive new revenues to your business. Start your free 14-day trial Share this e-book
  6. 6. Tourism & Mobile Learn about the impact of mobile apps on the hospitality industry to keep your business up to date and capture new mobile customers.