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Mobile apps for events


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Learn how to integrate mobile apps in your event's marketing strategy and know more about:
- UX tips
- App icon size criteria for the stores
- Dos and Don'ts of designing great app icons
- How to create an impressive splash image

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Mobile apps for events

  2. 2. 1. Why every event needs an app 1.1 The App Event Ecosystem 1.2 Features and benefits 1.3 The Impact on ROI 2. Implement a success strategy for your event 2.1 Need Analysis 2.2 Timeline guide 2.3 App promotion 2.4 Keep your app alive after the event 3. Case studies 3.1 TechCrunch 3.2 Giffoni Film Festival 4. Conclusions Follow us on or visit our official blog TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. 1. WHY EVERY EVENT NEEDS AN APP 1.1 THE APP EVENT ECOSYSTEM The rise of mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets has affected every industry and sector on a global scale, as well as our daily routine. With mobile penetration rates hitting 101% in North America and an amazing 129% in Western Europe, the decision of investing in a mobile-first strategy plays a crucial role in many businesses’ budget plans. From retailers to hospitality businesses, we’ve registered a massive increase in the number of businesses integrating mobile in their marketing strategy to secure a better positioning, and the event business makes no exception! Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  4. 4. Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial With millions of events taking place every year, the event business has become a strategic marketing and branding tool available to companies of all sectors. From product launches to press conferences, companies create promotional events to communicate more effectively with existing clients, to engage with them by increasing commitment, to reward customer loyalty and target potential new customers. However, although the benefits for a company of implementing mobile technologies into event marketing are clear, too many still don’t know how to effectively integrate it into their business operations. This is due to what Greg Stuart – CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association – defines as “the knowing versus doing gap”: “They know they need an app for their event, but they don’t know how to set the ball rolling.” Greg Stuart
  5. 5. Far too many businesses approach apps for events in a naïve way, without carrying out a proper need analysis nor building a dedicated team to monitor operations before, during and after the event. This lack of strategy obviously results into meagre ROI and a poor experience for attendees. On the other hand, if properly implemented into business operations, mobile apps can work as a catalyst for return on investment and can dramatically improve audience engagement, generating additional value for the business also in the months following the event. This e-book will discuss how mobile apps can boost events’ success, while creating an innovative channel to engage with attendees in year-round conversations. Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  6. 6. 1.2 FEATURES AND BENEFITS Choosing the features to implement in your event app is the first key step to take in your mobile strategy. When selecting your app features do not simply copy the same features that determined the success of one of your competitors’ event apps. While it is important to be aware of market needs and competitors’ positioning, analyse carefully your event’s needs and objectives and select only those features that can truly help you achieve the desired results. It might be a good idea to select app features in order of priority and feasibility, making a clear distinction between “must have features” and “nice to have features”, that might be implemented at a later stage if time and budget permit. Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  7. 7. The table below provides a list of the most popular features that can be found in most event apps, with connected benefits, to guide you in your decision-making process so that your app will be a success. GENERAL INFO SESSION LISTING 1) Provide attendees with all the relevant information (date, location and topic) about each event session. 2) Easily manage a wealth of data by filtering information by date, location, etc. EXHIBITOR PROFILES Feature exhibitor profiles to help attendees choose in advance which booths to visit. VENUE MAP Help attendees move around the venue and easily locate exhibitors’ booths. LIST OF SPEAKERS Provide speakers’ bios, photos, contact details and social profiles to facilitate networking. ATTENDEE PROFILES Allow attendees to create their own profile and check out other attendees’ profiles to maximize networking opportunities. Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  8. 8. COMMUNICATIONS & SOCIAL NETWORKING DATA BASE 1) Collect attendees’/exhibitors’/ sponsors’ contact details to maximize networking opportunities. 2) Give attendees more reasons to use the app even after the end of the event. NEWS FEEDS Update attendees on the latest event news via RSS feeds. IN-APP INSTANT MESSAGING SYSTEM Encourage attendees to interact in real time via wall chat and reach out to organizers for technical issues. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS 1) Deliver relevant information or last-minute changes to attendees via push notifications. 2) Communicate with participants in real time even when they’re not using the app. SOCIAL INTEGRATION 1) Integrate social communities into the app. 2) Generate a lively social buzz around. the event. REGISTRATION & TICKETING TICKETING SERVICE Enable registrants to purchase tickets for the event or single sessions via app. REGISTRATION FORMS Enable attendees to register for the event or for single sessions via app. Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  9. 9. ADDITIONAL TOURIST INFORMATION Offer useful tourist information to help attendees find restaurants and accommodations in the surroundings. CUSTOMER LOYALTY IN-APP COUPONING 1) Create a dedicated offer for app users, such as discounts on tickets, exclusive access to VIP halls, etc. 2) Give attendees more reasons to check in to the app over time. LOYALTY CARDS 1) Reward loyal attendees with special badges that can be collected upon performing certain tasks/actions. 2) Boost customer loyalty. SUPPORT FEEDBACK FORM 1) Encourage attendees to share their opinion about the event. 2) Easily identify event’s weaknesses and services that need to be improved. MEDIA & RESOURCES PHOTO / VIDEO GALLERY Foster audience engagement through photos and videos of the event as well as bonus content to reward app users. EVENT ARCHIVE Provide attendees with a wealth of resources (PDFs, spreadsheets, infographics, white papers) to check during and after the event. REMINDER ALERT Remind attendees of their sessions with automated messages when the event is about to start. Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  10. 10. ADVANCED ANALYTICS 1) Monitor app performance and filter data by type of device, location and time. 2) Get a deeper understanding of event audience SETTINGS OFFLINE SUPPORT Enable attendees to access the app even when there is no Internet connection thanks to native technology. PRIVATE ACCESS Protect valuable content by limiting access to certain users via username and password. Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  11. 11. 1.3 THE IMPACT ON ROI Events are not just a fun day out. They are an amazing business opportunity that can boost revenues, client acquisition and brand awareness if wisely implemented into the business strategy. Event organizers are constantly looking for new ways to increase their events’ ROI, while keeping the standards high for attendees, and mobile apps are an amazing tool to achieve these goals. What’s the actual impact on ROI of going mobile for event organizers? Whether it’s a health conference or a tech trade fair, one of the major expenses to face when planning an event is the cost of printed materials – leaflets, event guides, handouts, etc. In this regard, mobile apps determine an immediate return on investment by cutting down printing cost. Although the idea of going 100% paperless is probably unrealistic, still you can make significant savings by incorporating event information in your app and thus printing lighter guides. SAVE COSTS Share this e-book Start your free 14-day trial
  12. 12. MOBILE APPS FOR EVENTS Learn how to integrate mobile apps in your event's marketing strategy and know more about: UX tips App icon size criteria for the stores Dos and Don'ts of designing great app icons How to create an impressive splash image