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Differentiating your apps using software tools (Qualcomm, Dr.Bernd Schulze) III Форум Apps4All


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Differentiating your apps using software tools (Qualcomm, Dr.Bernd Schulze) III Форум Apps4All

  1. 1. Differentiating your appsusing software toolsDr. Bernd SchulzePresentation for Apps4All Forum on 5th April2013
  2. 2. Trend Towards “Differentiating” ExperienceMore Proximal communications and multi-screen experiencesAugmented Reality becomes the normContextually aware appsMore real-time, complex computer vision appsNavigation and location aware services move indoorHome theater like audio experiencesRicher Gaming
  3. 3. 3Differentiating Experience Sells Devices
  4. 4. Snapdragon™ Processors.Apps with unmatched reach.An absolute powerhouse.
  5. 5. 5Technology Leadership Across DevicesSource: Qualcomm data.770+DevicesAnnounced /commerciallyavailable70+DeviceCustomers450+DesignsInDevelopment35+TabletsQualcomm Supports Android from High Volume to High End
  6. 6. 6Peer-to-peerAugmentedRealityEntertainment Camera ConnectivityWebTechnologiesComputerVisionADVANCEDSOFTWARETECHNOLOGYLEADINGHARDWARE CPUs GPUs 3G/4GMODEMSLOCATIONANDSENSORSWiFi BTFMVIDEO/AUDIOPOWERMGMTRFDSPsMEMORYSnapdragon Spans HW, SW, Services and ToolsECOSYSTEMSUPPORTDeveloperHardwareDeveloper Ecosystemand CommunityCarrier-FriendlyServicesDeveloperSoftware ToolsBROADSUPPORTFOR HLOSSupport for developers to create and commercialize differentiating experience
  7. 7. 7Software Tools Enable App DifferentiatingFluence™ PROVuforia™AllJoyn™Augmented Reality Peer-to-Peer Computer Vision Facial ProcessingSurround SoundGimbal™ …Snapdragon™ SDK
  8. 8. 8Snapdragon SDK Unleashes New CapabilitiesSENSORSNew Sensor Event InputsAlways-on device orientation sensor awareness and inputCAMERAFacial Processing – Blink / Smile / Gaze DetectionPowering smarter camera application technologyTOUCH-FREE GESTURESTouchless Device InputInteract with your device from variable distances
  9. 9. 9Deployment with run-time Feature DetectionANDROID DEVICESPOWERED BYQUALCOMMOPTIMIZED PLATFORM:Advanced SolutionsIncluded as part ofQualcomm devicesDEVICE SOFTWARE OPTIMIZEDTO THE HARDWARECAMERA FACIALPROCESSINGSURROUND SOUNDRECORDING 5.1SENSORGESTURESPOWER-OPTIMIZEDGEOFENCINGTOUCH-FREEGESTURESAPPLICATIONSAPPLICATIONAPKsProductivityAppsVOIP AppsCamera AppsLocation-AwareAppsSNAPDRAGONSDK APIsCamera SDKLibraryAudio SDKLibrarySensors SDKLibraryIZat LocationSDK LibraryTouch-free GesturesSDK LibraryApplications gain extendedfunctionality throughSDK Developer Librariesdelivered on QDevNet
  10. 10. 10Vuforia™ Brings Augmented Reality to MobileCreating engaging consumerexperiences at the point ofadvertising, point of sale,and point of useMaking curriculums3-dimensional; using yourdevice as a user manualGaming and Play Advertising & MediaEducational &InstructionalAbility to check out theaction from any angle;making toys come to life
  11. 11. 12AllJoyn unleashes a whole new set of user experiences thatspan across mobile, tablets, PCs, TVs and more by abstractingall the complexity of P2P networking from developersEntertainment& Multiplayer ModeSocialExperiencesMulti-Screen& Content SharingAllJoyn™ Seamlessly Connects Proximal DevicesAllJoyn is an open source project for mobile software being driven out of Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc(QuIC), a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated that focuses on open source development.
  12. 12. The Tools and ResourcesDevelopers Need to Succeeddeveloper.qualcomm.comEarly access to leading edge APIsand next generation featuresAccelerate development timefor next-gen contentCreate and optimize applicationsTechnical optimization support | SDKs | APIs | Sample Code | Guides and Tutorials | Developer Forums | Blogs | DiscoveryDISCUSSDISTRIBUTEDEVELOP DOWNLOAD
  13. 13. For more information on Qualcomm, visit us & us on:© 2012 Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated,registered in the United States and other countries. Adreno, Brew, FastCV, Fluence, QDevNet, and Vuforia are trademarks ofQualcomm Incorporated. Trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated are used with permission. AllJoyn is a trademark of QualcommInnovation Center, Inc. Other products and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, 5775 Morehouse Drive, San Diego, CA 92121-1714Thank 49-151-4674-3969