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  • Welcome to the 2014 National Apprenticeship Awards information workshop
  • During this session we will talk about: the Awards recognising excellence in businesses and learnersentering is a win-win situationWhat to think about when putting together your entryAnd further support
  • What are the Awards? in 2013 the Awards celebrated their 10th anniversary and during this time they’ve become bigger, and better, and more competitive every year. There is increased government interest in recognising Apprenticeships – as shown here with Nick Clegg speaking at the national Awards event in November 2013.The Awards aim to recognise excellence in two areas: businesses that grow their own talent with apprentices andapprentices who have made a significant contribution to their workplacesIn 2014 our Awards objectives areto increase the quality of the applications received so we can recognise 3 finalists in all categories across the 12 regions – that would increase the stats to 360 regional finalistsWe recognise that entrants want to increase their chances of progressing which is why we’re running this session today
  • Let’s start by getting an idea of how familiar you are with the Awards first.There is a quiz on your table – take five minutes to answer the 11 multiple choice questions
  • 1,610 applications in total – this is the second highest ever received (in 2011 there were 1,643) To put this into the perspective of the winners journey, of these 1,600435 of these made it through to the regional judging panels218 were selected as regional finalists – this is across all 12 of the SFA regions 91 regional winners made it through to the final national stage 9 of these were selected as national winners and 18 received a highly commended awards You’ll appreciate from these stat’s that it’s quite an achievement to progressRegister myself once and open a separate application for each. the site has been enhanced to increase the protection of personal data for those who want to raise multiple applications allowing each entrant to have their own log in details. If you have questions contact the helpline.Employer Postcode. Applications are allocated to the judging panel based upon the postcode you provide on your application form. Regional finalists will be invited to attend an event being held in one of the 12 regional areas across England – so make sure its somewhere you want to travel to! If you are a multi-sited organisation, please enter the postcode for the region you would like your entry to be judged in – this is usually the location of your Head Office or the site where the majority of your Apprenticeship training takes place. for Apprentices and Champions, please make sure you enter the details of your normal place of work. This is the base where you mainly work from and may be different to the organisation’s Head Office. Think of it this way; if you live and work in Newcastle you may not want to travel to London on a Wednesday evening!
  • 4 No, the entry will be rejected Each question has a maximum number of words. Plan your responses and provide as much evidence as possible to support the claims made within your answers. Use plain English and avoid jargon to help the judges understand your responses.Yes. Applications now allow you to attach a supporting document to help evidence the claims made in your responses. Use a chart, table or graph to help demonstrate metrics such as statistics, quantifiable information and comparative data. Remember to provide a base line to show how your programme has progressed. The upload facility should not be utilised for items such as certificates, prospectus documents or training materialsThe deadline, is not negotiable. The database will close for entries at 5.00pm on Friday 28 MarchFormer apprentices who continue to champion Apprenticeships Those who go above and beyond their day jobs to champion Apprenticeships. in the past this category has required the regional winners to gain public votes as part of their journey to progress to the National stage. This no longer applies. Entrants for this category are expected to attach a portfolio to support and expand upon their answers. its an opportunity to demonstrate to the Judges the impact your Apprenticeship has had on you, and in turn how you have positively impacted on others.
  • 8. All employers who enter the National Apprenticeship Awards will be eligible We will be working with City and Guilds once again to honour England’s Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers. its those who through the judging process are recognised as being the best of the best who will be recognised The Employer category you enter depends upon; Total number of employees at your organisation; Total numberof full-time staff at your organisationYour organisation was new to Apprenticeship within the last two yearsemployers who have invested in Apprenticeships since March 2012 also includes those with a time-lapse of more than five years (i.e. a minimum of five years gap before return) As a Newcomer you have an additional question to the other employer categories asking you to describe the highlights of your Apprenticeship in the short time you have been involved. We’ll cover this when we have a go at answering the questions laterTangibles, metrics and evidence to back up your claims make sure you give the judges hard evidence to base their decisions on. include examples about achievements, contributions and impacts. demonstrate inspirational qualities as every categories asks the entrant why they consider themselves to be an exemplar. You’ll be pleased to hear that applications now allow you to attach a supporting document to help evidence your claims you can use a chart, table or graph to help demonstrate metrics such as statistics, quantifiable information and comparative data. Most importantly! Remember to provide a base line to show how your programme has progressed.
  • here’s a summary of the category breakdown.As I said earlier, the Awards aim to provide an opportunity for employers and apprentices to demonstrate the excellence of their achievements. There are five employers categorised by sizeThe Newcomer (introduced last year) is for employers new to Apprenticeships within the last two yearsan opportunity to demonstrate the immediate benefits Apprenticeship have brought to themThis year it has been broken into two categories to recognise the difference between the SME and Large employer sectorsThere are three learner categories based on the level of the Apprenticeship they are completingif completed over the last 12 months and entrants should consider their next level up or the Champion category – if appropriateStronger entrants have usually completed more than 50% of their current Apprenticeship – the further through they are, the more evidence is available to substantiate the answers.As mentioned earlier, the Champion category is open for former apprentices who go above and beyond their day jobs to champion Apprenticeships. Its worth highlighting at this point that previous entrants may submit an application only if sufficient progress has been made to merit a new award. For example, an Award will not be granted for the same Apprenticeship programme twice.Note for questions:The public vote has been removed to create a balance of opportunity to all entrants Providers can apply on line for apprentices and employers
  • These are some of the benefits available to the Awards winnersAs well as the recognition for winning, through out the year and beyond, winners are known to benefit in other ways. Such asMedia interviews in local and national media – in the past these have included BBC Breakfast, Radio Five Live and local news coverage for exampleWinners are invited to join Advisory Boards, Ambassadorial Groups and Taskforces - these groups all help to inform the government’s future policy of ApprenticeshipsExamples of some typical activity winners have been invited to attend, or even to speak at, include: Buckingham PalaceThe House of LordsThe House of Commons Number 10As well as Local schools and employers– in fact this list is endless
  • As mentioned earlier, we endeavour to make entering the awards a win-win situation, for example: They provide us with case studies and role models using these we are able to use real examples of outstanding programmes effective implementations across the country and sectorsevidence of what success looks likebenefits the employers and the learners receivethese are used across different channels such as :the website - typically sees over 180k visits per week on averageour employer account managers when speaking to organisations about engaging with apprenticeshipsand for media enquiries, you should note that even if the application isn’t chosen as a finalist – it could still be considered for a niche media requests
  • Another benefit, specific to employer entrants is the top 100 This has really ramped up over the last three years. The only way to be considered is to apply for an Employer category.Those judged to be the very best of the best are recognisedWe work with The Top 100 in advance of the announcement Each employer is provided with a toolkit in advanceThis aims to aid their promotions after the formal announcement at the national ceremonyThis joint working has provided an increase in media coverageThis year we have tied up with Personnel Today for the next 12 months– During this year, the Top 100 will be considered as an expert panel and consulted withThe aim is to highlight best practice and drive news coverage nationally and regionally for employers. Survey and panel results will published on the Personnel Today websiteTo prove the government’s commitment to Apprenticeships, Nick Clegg has personally written to the 2013 Top 100 congratulating them all
  • Past winners have featured in a multitude of channels Here are just four examples : Shane - 2011 higher winner on our marketing collateral Rachael - 2006 Advanced winner speaking to the 800 guests attending the National Apprenticeship Awards 2013. Rachael has spoken a numerous events including Buckingham PalaceShauni – 2011 national intermediate apprentice winner and 2012 CE Champion told all those attending the Central Eastern Apprenticeship Awards 2013 about her experiences since winning in 2011And finally the 2012 Champion winner (Jenny Westworth) was asked to do a job swap with the Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise (Matthew Hancock) during National Apprenticeship week 2013 – what experiences....
  • Employers have told us that entering the awards hasgiven them an opportunity to benchmark their achievements within their region or sector use their success as a recruitment toolprovided media coverage and promotion opportunities not usually accessible to themThe Awards case studies are usually our first port of call for marketing and communication activity. A couple of examples include :in the Summer – one of the 2012 winners (Gelder) appeared on The One Show talking about their apprentices. Earlier this year we ran an employer radio campaign which featured eight employers of all sizes Their selection would have been based on the fuller insight into their company through their Awards application and quality of programmeSome Entrants choose to become official Apprenticeship Ambassadors following their involvement with us and the Awards. Click the picture for radio advert...notes for questions:Employers on radio ad:- Barlows UK - MediaCom UK- Persona HR - J A Cliff Building Services- North Yorks National Park - Visa Europe- TMB Patterns - FCO Services
  • Whatever the category, the main points for us to highlight today are:Many applications fall out of the process early on due to the lack of evidence providedYou need to give strong and concrete examples of how exceptional you are. Higher scores are awarded to those who prove they are clearly better than average. Entering the Awards is not the time to be modest. Think of entering to be on a par to a job application and make your application stand out!Another popular reason for applications falling out of the process is because applicants don’t give a baseline – think about it this way: if an application states a “50% improvement during the last 12 months”, 50% actually equates to zero if nothing is provided as a baseline!You should also consider that the applications are sifted by independent assessors they do not know anything about you or your Apprenticeship its important you don’t assume they doInsider information is not allowed during the panels either – the judges are only permitted to make their decisions based upon the content provided in the application  So the main point here is to remember to include everything pertinent, and evidence it. The judges want to feel that the apprenticeship is a journey, not a destination, so provide clarity about the futureFor exampleFor employer’s – in your business plan or for apprentice’s – your ambitions or for champion’s – ambassadorial aimsI know this all seems obvious but these are the main reasons why applications don’t make it through to the judging panels.
  • To support you in entering the Awards, the dates for 2014 :Information workshops – obviously you’re here now. This presentation, and electronic copies of the planners will be circulated to you afterwards.Awards 2014 will be open for 9 weeksDuring the spring we will assess and moderate the entries. Regional judging, followed by the regional ceremonies, all across the country take place during the Summer – not during school holiday periodAutumn we move into the national stage The National Event will be taking place on the 13th November at The Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Why don’t you save the date now 
  • you may also find it useful to understand the different stages of the Awards :After the Awards close for entries the administration team will do a bit of housekeeping. This team check the applications are complete, such as making sure the reference (for learner & champion) is appropriate and included.The assessment stage is completed by a team of independent assessors who score your responses against a criteria based on the questions. Remember they are looking for evidence to base your claims on.The 5 highest scoring applications are identified and passed through to the regional Judging PanelThe Panels look at the entries, debate them, and select the finalistsUp to one winner and two highly commendedthree finalists depends on the quality of the applications that get through to panelAll the finalists are invited to the regional celebration where the winner’s announced. To progress to the national stage the regional winners are asked to ‘enhance’ their entry This gives the entrants an opportunity to add any developments since the entry was first submitted.Providing this update is very important and should not be undertaken lightlyit forms part of the National Judges packs The National Panel has the pleasure of selecting the national finalists – one winner two highly commendedAll three finalists are invited to the national ceremony
  • we have some marketing collateral available – please do encourage your customers and supply chains to get involved.Website hosts questions and answersApplication site being updated and will include prompts throughoutThe 2013 winners case uploaded on to the website – previous ones are on there too.The helpdesk number and email accountPlease let us know if you need anything else.
  • Thank you
  • National Apprenticeship Awards 2014

    1. 1. National Apprenticeship Awards 2014 Presented by Paul Robertson Quality Assurance Manager National Apprenticeship Awards
    2. 2. Topics – What are the National Apprenticeship Awards? – What are the benefits of entering and winning? – What are the judges looking for? – What further support is there? 2
    3. 3. What are the National Apprenticeship Awards? 4
    4. 4. What are the National Apprenticeship Awards? 1. Last year how many entries were received? 1,610 2. I am a provider with more than one apprentice entering the Awards, should I – Register myself once and open a separate application for each 3. The panel which judges your application is allocated by the postcode entered. Which is the relevant postcode? Employer Postcode 5
    5. 5. What are the National Apprenticeship Awards? 4. Is it OK to exceed the word count stated for each question? No, the entry will be rejected 5. Can I attach any documentation to support my entry? Yes, evidence and metrics such as charts can be attached before submitting your entry. 6. The deadline for entries is 5.00pm on Friday 28 March – can I submit my entry after this? No, deadline is not negotiable 7. Who can apply for the Champion category? Former apprentices who continue to champion Apprenticeships 6
    6. 6. What are the National Apprenticeship Awards? 8. How can you be considered for the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers 2014 list? Enter one of the National Apprenticeship Awards employer categories 9. The Employer category you enter depends upon; Total number of employees at your organisation 10. What are the criteria for entering the Newcomer category? Your organisation was new to Apprenticeship within the last two years 11. What are the judges looking for in that winning entry? Tangibles, metrics and evidence to back up your claims 7
    7. 7. What are the National Apprenticeship Awards? Employer of the Year categories – Small Employer of the Year: 1 – 24 employees – Medium Employer of the Year: 25 – 249 employees – Large Employer of the Year: 250 – 4,999 employees – Macro Employer of the Year: 5,000+ employees – Newcomer SME of the Year – up to 249 employees – Newcomer Large Employer of the Year – over 250+ Apprentice of the Year categories – Intermediate Level (level 2) – Advanced Level (level 3) – Higher Apprentice (level 4 or higher) Apprenticeship Champion category – Former apprentices 8
    8. 8. What are the benefits of entering and winning? Employer of the Year – Publicly recognised for commitment to excellence – Build on successful Apprenticeship programme – Enhanced organisation’s reputation – Regional & National media coverage – Honoured as a Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer Apprentice of the Year – Honoured for their inspirational qualities – Recognition as an exemplar – Media coverage – Advisory Board Membership Apprenticeship Champion of the Year – Rewarded for advocating Apprenticeships – Recognition of commitment 9
    9. 9. What are the benefits of entering and winning? – – – – – – 11 Employer category entrants Judged to be the best Government recognition Promotional toolkit Media Relationship Expert Panel
    10. 10. 12
    11. 11. 13
    12. 12. What are the judges looking for? Employers – Commitment to and future plans for developing your workforce – Benefits Apprenticeships have brought to your business – The benefits your apprentices personally from training with your organisation. Apprentices – Contribution and impact you have made to the business – Examples of where you have exceeded expectations – Personal achievements and motivations from your Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Champions –How you are pro-active in promoting Apprenticeships –What your plans for future activity Remember to include tangibles, metrics and any other evidence to back up claims made in your application. 14
    13. 13. Key dates January – February Information Workshops 27 January – 28 March Awards Open for Entries April – May Assessment and Moderation June – July Regional Judging Panels September Regional Awards Ceremonies October National Judging Panel November National Awards Ceremony 15
    14. 14. Judging process Initial administration check Assessment of entries Regional Judging Panel Regional Winners Regional Winners enhance entry National Judging National Ceremony 16
    15. 15. What further support is there? – Marketing Collateral – – Questions and Answers – Winners Case Studies – Helpdesk – 0800 954 8896 – 17
    16. 16. This could be you! ENTER 27 JANUARY 2014 18