BAC14 Q&A Regional Heat


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BAC14 Q&A Regional Heat

  1. 1. Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2014 Q&A Sheet When is the list of apprentice names required? Please forward the team information form no later than 31st January 2014 to email address What if one of the team completes their apprenticeship before the end of the regional and/or final heat of the Challenge? As long as an apprentice is completing a SFA recognised apprenticeship framework funded by the SFA and is an apprentice on 6th January 2014, then they are able to participate. What is the role of the Team Mentor/Coach (non-apprentice)? Should they research, organize or contribute to the tasks? All the research, organising and tasks must be completed by the apprentice team and not the Team Mentor . The Team Mentor may support the team by providing facilitation and some initial structure to help them get going and to help them stay on-track (in fact the most successful teams in 2013 did just that). However they should not provide anything that could be perceived as more than support and guidance, the apprentice team must plan and deliver their own response to the BAC brief. Could the apprentice team use the existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles or accounts? It’s absolutely fine for the apprentices to use existing social media accounts. What if one of the apprentices has to leave the Challenge before the end of the regional/final heat? If for unforeseen circumstances one of the apprentices is unable to complete the Challenge, a substitute may be put forth. A substitute must be a current apprentice on a SFA/NAS funded apprenticeship. Please contact the BAC Team on email address to further discuss this as substitutes will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Our organisation does not have nine apprentices but we do work closely with other organisations in the area who also have apprentices. Would we be able to enter a team made up of apprentices employed by different employers, if all the employers agreed? Yes it is encouraged that organsiations with less than nine apprentices recruit apprentices from their supply/customer chain. All of the team members must be current apprentices and on SFA/NAS recognized and funded apprenticeships.
  2. 2. Could a representative from NAS or Brathay Trust attend our team’s regional heat events? We would be unable to come to individual team events. With over 100 teams competing this year, it would be physically impossible for us to support everyone, as well as to remain fair and impartial we cannot favour any one team over another. Does the entire apprentice team have to attend school talks? It is not necessary for the whole of the apprentice team to attend each of the school talks or other events that are part of the regional heats. What if our company’s Marketing Department will not give permission to use the company name on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)? The judging criteria have been created to ensure that those teams that are unable to undertake this type of media work will not be unfairly disadvantage. For example, these teams should undertake more school visits or internal communications activity. It is possible to register on social media without specifically naming your organisation, one way of doing this could be that your team refers to their Apprentice framework title instead of your company name, but please check with your Marketing Department before doing this. Please ensure that a copy of your company’s communication policy is submitted with your evidence portfolio to help explain this. If you have any further questions please do drop us a line at