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Mobile Test Automation 101 - Everything You Need to Know About Appium


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In today's Agile world, time to market is becoming increasingly shorter. There is a constant desire to release new features to keep ahead of competition.

Because of this we have a shorter amount of time to test our apps -- Especially when you must account for hundreds of different combinations of platform OS’s, languages, orientations, and resolutions your mobile app supports.

Listen to Automation expert Justin Ison giving this in-depth Appium webinar, where he covers the essentials, including:

* Challenges: so many different devices, OS's, resolutions, languages, and so little time
* Available Tools
* Automation with Appium
* Introduction to Applitools
* Writing your first test for mobile web and native applications with Appium and Applitools
* Scaling your tests with cloud test service

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Mobile Test Automation 101 - Everything You Need to Know About Appium

  1. 1. Everything you need to know about Applitools Visual Testing with Appium Presenter: Justin Ison Senior Success Engineer
  2. 2. How will you test all of these?! The Challenge!
  3. 3. And each one of these cases? • Validate every locale / languages your app supports. • Validate every OS version your app supports. • Validate different screen sizes (phones, tablets, phablets etc..). • Validate different device manufacturers.
  4. 4. You could try the manual single-threaded approach! Not recommend…
  5. 5. Or the manual multi-threaded approach! Also, not recommend…
  6. 6. Alternatively, you can hire an army of zombie testers?! Definitely not recommended!!!
  7. 7. Device Orientation • Majority of people test only in portrait orientation. • How will your apps usability and design work in landscape?
  8. 8. • What happens when you rotate your screen?
  9. 9. Device Resolution • Most people only test the device and resolution that is available to them. • How will your designs look on every resolution you support?
  10. 10. Hopefully not like this…
  11. 11. Or this…
  12. 12. OS Versions • Most people only test the device OS that is available to them. • How will your app look and function for every OS version you support?
  13. 13. Device Language • Majority of people test only in their native tongue. • How will your app look and behave in different languages and locales? • How will your designs work for languages such as Arabic or Hebrew? • How will your designs look in languages with longer strings like Deutsch?
  14. 14. So what options do we have?! • Test Automation with Appium & Applitools!
  15. 15. What I’ll demo… • Getting started with Appium and Applitools for mobile web and native apps. • Integrating Applitools into your test framework and showing the benefits it provides. • Running tests locally. • Scaling your tests in a cloud test service.
  16. 16. Install Appium Dependencies • iOS: • Install Xcode • Install Command Line tools. • Create iOS Simulator. • Or… connect a real device. • Enable UI Automation in General > Developer menu. • Android: • Install Android SDK • Create Emulator with Intel HAXM Accelerator. • Or… connect a real device. • Enable developer mode with USB debugging enabled. • Install Appium Desktop • Install Java JDK > 8 • Click Mac and Windows for full instructions instructions.
  17. 17. Testing Responsive Design iPhone 5 iPhone 7 iPad
  18. 18. Applitools SDK’s and Libraries • Let’s choose Java!
  19. 19. Java Dependencies
  20. 20. Mobile Web Example
  21. 21. Start Appium Desktop
  22. 22. Native App Example
  23. 23. That great, but how do we scale this? • Some options: • Local computer with multiple devices/emulator connected. • Internal selenium device grid • Cloud Test Services: (Just to name a few) • Sauce Labs • BrowserStack • Bitbar • Perfecto Mobile • Firebase (Google) • Amazon Test Cloud • Let’s try with Sauce Labs…
  24. 24. Cloud Test Services • By far the easiest solution would be the use a cloud service running in parallel. • Benefits Cloud Test Services: • They are the present and the future of automated testing. • Ease of setup and integration. • Save on costs of buying mobile devices or machines. • Provides you with excellent analytics and reporting. • Integrates easily with cloud CI services. e.g. Travis CI. • You expose your app to a much larger range of devices and OS’s.
  25. 25. Create a Parallel Class
  26. 26. What about Locale? • How can we validate different languages and locales? • Using Applitools Layout match level algorithm! • Let's look at an example!
  27. 27. Helpful Links • Appium Getting Started Install Instructions: getting-started.html • Java Examples: master/src/test/java • Getting Started with Applitools: tutorial • Java SDK Guide: pages/1540331/Appium+-+Java • Video Tutorials: 148047224072/webinar-recording-advanced-test-automation
  28. 28. Questions? • @isonic1 • Justin Ison - Senior Success Engineer - Applitools Thank You!