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Appliance Repair Boise


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When your appliance goes on the fritz you need to get the appliance, whether it's a washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher or oven, up in the quickest time possible. You need to call a professional, one who is responsible, timely, clean, factory trained, and has the parts on his truck or van. Western Appliance repair can satisfy this criteria. We can be reached at 208-863-3702, 13601 W McMillan Rd 102-236 Boise, Idaho 83713

Appliance Repair Boise

  1. 1. Western Appliance Repair Boise Appliance Repair for Boise and Eagle Idaho
  2. 2. Maytag RepairMaytag builds qualityAppliances such as Washers,Dryers, Dishwasher, Ranges, Maytag Repair Boise IdahoCooktops, Refrigerators, andmore. The parent companyof Maytag is now Whirlpool.Whirlpool is also the parentcompany of Roper,KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana,Caloric and more. For allyour appliance repair needs,call Western ApplianceRepair, 13601 W McMillanRd 102-236 Boise, Id208-863-3702
  3. 3. Our Location:Western Appliance Repair of Boiseis located at 13601 W McMillan RdBoise, ID 83713Phone is 208-863-3702
  4. 4. Washer Repair Boise Eagle IdahoWe repair most brand Washer Repairwashing machines. Whetherit be Maytag, Kenmore, GE,Whirlpool, Roper, Sears,Frigidaire, Amana, FrontLoaders or anything else, wehave the expertise to tacklethe toughest appliance repairjob. Western Appliance Repair of Boise 13601 W McMillan Rd 102-236 Boise, Idaho 83713 208-863-3702
  5. 5. Dryer Repair BoiseSymptoms: Kenmore Dryer FAQ - Who1. Dryer getting too hot? makes my Kenmore Dryer?2. Dryer is starting to make asqueeling sound?3. Dryer leaving brown streak Answer:marks on clothing? Kenmore dryers are4. Drum not turning? manufactured by numerous manufactures. Whirlpool, GE,If any of these dryer repair Frigidaire, Maytag, Amana,symptoms look familiar than Roper, LG, Samsung, andyour dryer is in need of more.professional service. CallWestern Appliance Repair for 13601 W McMillan Rdimmediate service 102-236 Boise, Id 83713
  6. 6. Refrigerator Repair BoiseIf your freezer is freezing fine Refrigerator Repairand your refrigerators iswarm then you likely have arepair that will be moderate inprice.The refrigerator compressorcools the freezer and cold airis channeled to refrigeratorfor cooling. Western Appliance Repair of Boise 13601 W McMillan Rd Boise Id 83713 208-863-3702
  7. 7. Oven Repair BoiseIs your bake temperature too Oven Repairlow? ...bad bake ignitor,control board failure,electrical faults? Oven doorhinges broken? For all youroven appliance repair needs,we have the electronictraining and experience forthe most difficult jobs. Western Appliance Repair of Boise 13601 W McMillan Rd 102-236 Boise, Idaho 83713
  8. 8. Dishwasher Repair BoiseWhether it be KitchenAid,Whirlpool, GE, Frigidiare, orMaytag dishwashers, we cantackle the toughest task. Ifyour dishwasher is notcleaning properly give us acal and we can help.
  9. 9. Kenmore Repair BoiseKenmore is well known Sears Kenmore RepairAppliance brand name whosname recognition spansacross the world. Some ofthe manufacturers areWhirlpool, Maytag, Amana,GE, Frigidaire, LG, Samsung,and more. Quality of theappliances vary according tothe manufacturer so it would Western Appliance Repair ofbe wise to do research before Boisepurchasing. 13601 W McMillan Rd 102-236 Boise, Id 83713
  10. 10. KitchenAid Repair BoiseKitchenAid is a well known KitchenAid Repairappliance brand namehowever most people areunaware that most of theappliances are the samedesign as Whirlpool. The KitchenAid is well known forparts are the same as well. their quality craftsmanshipWhirlpool is the parent and design of theircompany and has used the dishwashers andKitchenAid name to promote refrigerators. The Quality ofa "more bells and whistles" this brand is extraordinary.type appliance. Personally, Iwouldnt hesitate to by one formy own use. Quality isexcellent.
  11. 11. Whirlpool Repair BoiseWhirlpool is the parent Whirlpool Repaircompany of Caloric, Maytag,Amana, Magic Chef,KitchenAid, Jenn-Air andmore.Dependability is key with theWhirlpool brands and theystrive to keep the highestquality appliances on themarket.Whirlpool brand appliancesneed to be repaired less andperform properly for years.Whirlpool is number One.