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Applexus xScan brochure - Scan, Part and Post Invoices in SAP


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Applexus’ xScan is a versatile SAP addon product helps organisations scan, read and post them in SAP. xScan automatically recognizes each field of the documents along with its format and fills in appropriately from the furnished copy before parking to SAP.

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Applexus xScan brochure - Scan, Part and Post Invoices in SAP

  1. 1. xScan Scan It >> Park It >> Post It
  2. 2. Are you stressed out with document clutter? Do you face the common SAP challenges like compliance issues, limited reporting capabilities and excessive costs per invoice? Do decentralized invoice receipts with multi-level approvals affect visibility and lead to longer closing cycles? The tedious invoice management process demands a capability for incredibly quick and easy posting into the system. Automation of the process would ensue long- term benefits such as better control of payments and optimization of cash flows. Streamline Accounts Payable with Scanning Acumen…..xScan Do poor vendor relationships affect the growth of your business? Are manual routing & follow- up on unpaid invoices taking a toll on your finances ?
  3. 3. Applexus’s x Scan is ideal for organizations with a large number of invoices and invoices with multiple pages. Customizable on several layers, depending on the business and industry needs of each organization, xScan scans, reads and posts documents directly in SAP. Park & Post your documents in SAP with a single click Data Entry without Typing, Now a Reality - Applexus presents xScan, the SAP Add on Applexus’s xScan is a versatile SAP add on product that scans invoice information against purchase orders & posts matched invoices for payment.
  4. 4. Digitize invoices without manual keying in of data while enabling easy searches and retrievability of invoice related information Scan the invoice 20 secs Manually enter the data 2 mins Validate the data 1 min Save in SAP 10 secs Manual Invoice Processing Method xScan Scan the invoice 20 secs Save in SAP 10 secs Automatic validation 1 sec Excise PART II Post GRN Invoice Post 2 secs xScan The Decisive Advantage 3.5 mins 33 secs
  5. 5. Seamless Invoice Posting in SAP Single Invoices Mass Uploading Convert to Digital Data Filter Data GRN Invoice Post Excise PARTII Post Workflows Error Handling Tracking Attach Soft Copy xScan Scan Extract Document Notify & Report xScan automatically recognizes and extracts each field of the invoice and populates it appropriately from the furnished copy before parking to SAP. xScan uses ‘optical character recognition’ (OCR) which instantly turns paper documents into a digital format that can be edited, so there is no need to retype documents. This novel product of Applexus extracts information on invoices like vendor data, invoice number, date, amount and even line item details. xScan automates the processes of scanning, interpreting, and filing of invoice data on the SAP irrespective of how invoices enter the organization (on paper or in any electronic form). With the intelligence to extract key information and validate it according to a pre-defined set of rules, xScan enables accurate invoice processing in less time with fewer human resources.
  6. 6. Centralize your repository of invoices with the perfect invoice data capture solution. Automates invoice data entry with OCR Integrates seamlessly with SAP Processes hard and soft copies of documents with an easy-to-use interface Automates invoice routing and sorting Verifies information extracted before posting in SAP Tracks documents parked to SAP Captures predefined exception data Enters invoices from any location directly into the SAP Striking Features Includes invoices in electronic form, whether scanned or faxed Leverages designated workflows-prede- fined workflow templates with robust functionality Manages the review & approval process Option to open & read data from scanned documents, or scan & read from a hard copy document Can be configured for other kinds of recognition tasks like checks & other documents
  7. 7. Skip the manual keying of invoice information; retrieve documents easily Drastically reduce invoice processing time- increase efficiency Eliminate errors arising from data entry- captures duplicate invoices Increase ROI by lowering cost No prior knowledge of SAP needed Supports a wide range of invoice formats and unlimited number of invoices Captures all information related to a particular invoice Invoice management across multiple disconnected systems Scalable foundation Improve cash management - employees tend to overlook and miss paying an invoice before its due date owing to sheer volume of invoices Avoid penalties on late payments Take advantage of early payment discounts Eliminate huge volumes of paper & electronic documents All stakeholders have real time access to critical documents-informed decision-making Attach supporting documents along with the invoice Key Business Benefits xScan automatically recognizes each field of the document with its format and populates it appropriately from the furnished copy before parking to SAP. xScan makes tagging documents to SAP easier than ever before.
  8. 8. Trivandrum Applexus Technologies (P) Ltd 3rd Floor, Amstor Building No. 1 Technopark Campus Trivandrum - 695 581 Phone: +91 (471) 270-0900 Cochin Applexus Technologies (P) Ltd Ground Floor, Athulya Building Infopark Campus, Kakkanad Cochin - 682 030 Phone: +91 (484) 401-5285 Bangalore Applexus Technologies (P) Ltd Orchid #1, STPI, 6th Floor, Cyber Park, Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560 100 Phone: +91 (80) 661-86185 Global Headquarters - Seattle Applexus Technologies LLC 33507 9th Avenue South Federal Way, WA 98003 Phone: +1 (206) 249-0900 Sharjah Applexus Technologies FZC Q1-09-067/A P.O.BOX : 9581 Sharjah, UAE Phone: +971 6 552-9754 Applexus, a global provider of end-to-end IT services, offers innovative solutions in Mobility, SAP, .Net and Java. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, we are the trusted partner of a diverse portfolio of organizations worldwide, including Fortune 1000 companies. We offer onsite, offsite, offshore and hybrid delivery models to proactively respond to dynamic business scenarios. We take pride in offering exceptional customer service and assure a service quality guarantee to our esteemed clients. About Applexus Technologies E-mail: | Website: