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The Applexus SourceSphere is a secure and easy-to-use web platform for B2B procurement processes. SourceSphere offers a level playing field in the acquisition of products and services. This procurement portal ensures effective collaboration between organizations and their suppliers.

ourceSphere Modules

e-Registration: Powerful yet easy-to-use window for suppliers to register, request empanelment & manage profiles
e-Tendering: Suppliers and bidders have access to the same commercial information, guidance and instructions-equitable prices are encouraged
e-Procurement: Efficient management of the entire ‘procure-to-pay’ (P2P) cycle with standardized transactions that can be tracked easily
e-Auction: A secure bidding environment with the ease and speed of communication to multiple bidders
e-Hiring: Access to a large, well-organized database enables organizations to interact with their suppliers for hiring and contracting resources

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Sourcesphere brochure - A Centralized Vendor Management Solution

  1. 1. SourceSphere A Centralized Supplier Management Solution
  2. 2. SourceSphere - Module Offerings: e-Tendering Suppliers and bidders have access to the same commercial information, guidance and instructions-equitable prices are encouraged. e-Registration Powerful yet easy-to-use window for suppliers to register, request em- panelment & manage profiles. A secure bidding envi- ronment with the ease and speed of commu- nication to multiple bidders. e-Auction Access to a large, well- organized database enables organizations to interact with their suppliers for hiring and contracting resources. e-Hiring SourceSphere The Applexus SourceSphere is a secure and easy-to-use web platform for B2B procurement processes. SourceSphere offers a level playing field in the acqui- sition of products and services. This procurement portal ensures effective col- laboration between organizations and their suppliers. e-Procurement Efficient management of the entire‘procure-to-pay’ (P2P) cycle with standard- ized transactions that can be tracked easily.
  3. 3. Supplier Collaboration : End-to-end activities involved in the order cycle are aligned to deliver state-of-the-art performance. Real-time information exchanges enable supply chain visibility, synchronization and monitoring of processes from planning to payment. Competitive Sourcing : Supplier Rating helps rank suppliers on ‘key performance indicators’ (KPIs) like expression of interest, technical appraisal and commercial evaluation which can be pre-defined across modules and analyzed at regular time- intervals. Agile and Flexible Interface : SourceSphere ensures a good fit between supplier capabilities and organizational requirements. In a well-synchronized supply chain, events can be predicted & responded to in the most efficient manner. 1 2 3 Supplier self-service system SourceSphere helps to bring suppliers onboard quickly with online registration. Suppliers gain insight into the buyer’s ERP system and directly access their business transactions, such as pending invoices, payments and purchase orders. Suppliers can log in to their accounts at any time to make changes to their profiles. Supplier database management Provides a complete analysis of the supplier database and ensures that all details are correct and up-to-date. Customized supplier on-boarding process Configurable forms and workflows enable organizations to access information regarding supplier capabilities, certifications, experience, and personnel. The functionality allows standardized pre-qualification and approval processes. Risk minimization Centralized management and visibility of supplier data help to proactively manage risk. Organizations are empowered to track supplier performance metrics. A forum where suppliers easily and securely register, request empanelment and manage their profiles. e-Registration
  4. 4. Anytime-anywhere bidding Administrative hassles of the traditional ten- dering process are minimized. Saves on trav- elling costs and eliminates dependence on newspapers, couriers and banks. e-Tendering Fair and free participation of suppliers All suppliers are provided with identical information, instructions and guidance including a bidding deadline. Competing tenderers are unaware of each other and confidentiality is maintained. Debriefing summary Rejected suppliers can request for a debriefing session to receive feedback on the reasons for rejection. Convenience A single click provides access to bids and helps sign documents with innumerable pages. Any number of documents can be signed with a single digital certificate. Objective evaluation Tenders are configured with the help of a questionnaire based on technical and commercial parameters with weightages assigned to each committee member. Scores are assigned to participating suppliers for each competency area to determine the final ranking. A centralized tendering system for all purchasing authorities-mainly used by the procurement divisions. Security Bidders submit bid documents online with password protection and can attach files, photos, quotations, charts, drawings and notes. Committee members evaluate and approve tenders online. The ‘Tender Committee Board’ (TCB) performs an online review and approval of the evaluation results.
  5. 5. Centralized procurement management A single centralized procurement management system empowers organizations to negotiate better terms and prices with preferred or strategic suppliers. Automated process/workflow Automation of the requisition-to-purchase cycle eliminates manual intervention. The ability to manage and monitor authorization procedures reduces cost, time and checks expenditure. Integration with cross functions Cross-functional standardized processes result in cost savings for both the organization and suppliers. Intensive interaction with suppliers at every stage of the value chain optimizes the purchasing process with reduced flow cycles (time-to-market, order-to-delivery and failure-to- correction). Efficient ‘accounts payable’ The Accounts Payable department can match an invoice with the quote and the purchase order before making a payment. Remittance of payment electronically speeds up the purchasing process and eliminates the need for checks to be cut. e-Procurement Integration with SAP enables e-Procurement to cover the entire ‘procure- to- pay’ (P2P) cycle from purchase orders, delivery schedules, goods receipts, invoices, to payment details.
  6. 6. e-Auction An interface that facilitates organizations to conduct forward and reverse auctions online. Auction dashboard A consolidated view of auctions with the option for suppliers to increase or decrease the bid value, withdraw from the auction or submit the bid. This attribute helps to ac- complish considerable savings in process time and costs. Pre-qualification of suppliers The in-built ‘supplier rating engine’ ensures that only suppliers capable of meeting the organization’s needs are invited to the auction. Quick and detailed supplier information enables easy creation of tenders and reduces contract timescales. Auction results Comprehensive and meticulous reporting helps buyers analyze the flow of an auction. Post-event analysis Sourcing teams conduct a post-auction analysis based on the data available from all suppliers. This feature allows sourcing professionals to analyze trends in supplier responses and review supplier bids.
  7. 7. e-Hiring This platform enables organizations to interact with suppliers for hiring and contracting resources. Organizations create customized resource requests to identify the most suitable resources for specific positions. Configurable resource requests Each of the interviewed candidates receives feedback with a competency assessment and performance rating. Transparent selection process Employees upload timesheets in SourceSphere. Post approval, invoices are generated in the SAP system against contracts. Manage timesheets Smooth workflows help to identify suitable profiles as per requirements and close resource requests quickly. Efficient tracking
  8. 8. e-Grievance Serves to address supplier grievances in a transparent and structured manner as per the organization’s code of conduct policy. Suppliers can create grievances with reference to particular modules & tender numbers. User-friendly forum Suppliers can easily and conveniently track the status of grievances raised. Supplier identity is kept confidential in case of sensitive grievances like integrity issues. Easy tracking Confidentiality Rejected vendors can raise tickets for performance review & feedback. Ticketing system All grievances are monitored, reviewed & resolved in a fast-track process to ensure business continuity. Quick resolution
  9. 9. e-Administration Provides electronic support & services to streamline the entire lifecycle of administrative procedures in SourceSphere. Master data management Simplifies the process of on-boarding infor- mation regarding products & services from suppliers & reduces the time-to-market. Connectivity This flexible & scalable module facilitates communication & services to multiple users, while optimizing time, travel & resources. Automated and accurate management Centralizes and consolidates all informa- tion related to sourcing to help organi- zations meet the objectives of equality, transparency and disclosure. Cost-effective Reduces maintenance costs and deploy- ment time with efficient operations & seamless communication.
  10. 10. Salient Features Alerts and notifications Real-time alerts and notifications of transactions and upfront information on problems, provides for effective troubleshooting. Discussion forums The SourceSphere community exchanges ideas, seeks guidance and shares feedback. Quicker interaction is facilitated on specific issues. Multilingual interface Users work on documents in a shared primary language, while they have the option to view the portal and perform tasks in their preferred secondary language. Flexible administration & configuration Users have the flexibility to configure the portal according to their requirements, within a secure framework. User-defined fields can be set up to customize existing transactions to specific business needs. SourceSphere provides theme-based options in different colors. Security Role- based access ensures access only to authorized users. Timestamp-based security and a secure communication protocol (https) provide in-built security during data transfer. Compatible with public-key infrastructure (PKI) & digital signatures. Various reports on real time status of transactions related to the procurement cycle provide valuable inputs for organizations and suppliers. Status reports Synchronizes data across ERP systems like SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics. Valuable information exchange between buyers and vendors 24x7 effectively meets the various B2B demands. Data synchronization
  11. 11. Solution Deployment Architecture Quick and easy deployment Anytime, anywhere access to information Organizations & suppliers collaborate in an easy-to-use interface without the need to update existing infrastructure Ability to negotiate on purchase orders, delivery schedules, invoices, payments, stock status, etc Extensive MIS analysis and reporting Reduced TCO-synchronizes data across ERP systems & provides easy maintenance Minimize manual processes and ensure transparency Configure email alerts in response to various business events Dynamically configure the workflow process to match the needs of business Key Business Benefits Shorter cycle time for on-boarding new vendors Self -service for vendors Proactive supply chain HIGHLIGHTS Dashboards with performance data Integrated resource for procurement
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