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ARCHICAD Bronze Badge


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Applecore Designs has developed corebadges, a way to keep track of your learning and development in a number of areas, and communicate your achievements as your progress.

The corebadges can be awarded for a number of areas, including BIM authoring, office standards and template development, communication and BIM or information management, as well as by attending various educational events, and may be used as evidence towards continued professional development (CPD).

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ARCHICAD Bronze Badge

  1. 1. It’s easy to get your ARCHICAD Bronze Badge +44 (0) 121 447 7788 ANSWER a few questions 2 Complete a quick question- naire to show that you know ARCHICAD. RECEIVE your badge ... Once we review your answers we issue your Bronze Badge to you. LEARN with us 1 We run regular training courses nationwide if you need a little help. SHARE the news 3 It’s time to let the world know how well you know ARCHICAD.